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why craigslist personals shut down

If you know anything about the different sites that are available to you online today, you may already know that virtually every online company has its own specialized products and services that they offer. In fact, if you want a particular item or service for you, your family or a friend, all you have to do is search the net to find what you need. Many of these companies will not only give you the best places to go but also consumer reviews that will give you a heads up on finding the right fit and preference for you. Therefore, as you do your research into sites that have been around for a long time, you can find exactly what you need to know in a very short time and effort. Even when you are posting a new ad or looking for information about an ad, you can use sites like Craiglist.

Having said this, there has been quite a bit of discussion, as of late, on what you can gain access to on Craigslist. Since there are have been some significant changes that relate to what ads can be published and what ads cannot be posted on this site, you may be interested in knowing how this impacts visitors that frequently use these services on a regular basis. In fact, based on the latest and hottest topics that affect this site, here’s what you need to know about Craigslist ads, particular as it relates to Craigslist personal ads that have been completely shut down. So, the question is, why craigslist personals shut down?

The answer to the question can be traced back to many years ago when all of the controversies started. Based on this controversial topic and the laws that’s involved, here are some of the main reasons and related information about why this site no longer offers these services.

What Types of Ads Does Craigs Allow to Be Posted in their Personal Section

First of all, if you may want to understand the full scope of what is actually happening. Therefore, you need to know a little bit more background about Craiglist and the different sections that they have available for publishing an ad. You need to know this information to understand the basic differences between the sections that visitors have access to today and those that are no longer available. With that being said, here are some of the most common sections that you can post or review an ad.

  • Car/trucks by owner CA
  • Furniture by-dealer in the US,
  • Job postings in selected areas
  • Apartment rentals in NYC area
  • All by-dealer categories in the US
  • Car/trucks by owner US

And any other classified ads that people want to publish

Legal Changes Shuts Down Craigslist Personals

While Craigslist and other sites that provide these services can still offer the sections listed above, this is no longer true for the personals section of Craiglist. This is because the laws have changed to prevent sex crimes that come from and helps to facilitate these types of activities. For instance, Congress passed these laws in the United States to cut down on the sex tracking of kids.

The name of this act is called Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act Bill. With the provisions and legal obligations in this bill, Craigslist and other sites are being made accountable for their role in helping to aid in these types of crimes. The site cannot longer lean on third party claims of not being liable but are now legally responsible for any activities that a third party, individual or agency, publishes in their ads.

The previous Language Allowed on Craigslist in their Personal Section

Previously, craigslist personals section allowed a wide range of relationships and sexual activiites to be solicited by anyone who wanted to run their ad. For instance, if an individual or an agency was looking to pair people up with different ages, genders, and so forth, they could place an ad that will give a chance to

  • find another person that they wanted to date
  • Search for someone that wanted to be married
  • Look for someone who just wants casual sex and no future relationships
  • Search for someone who was looking for a one night stand
  • Search for someone who was looking for love
  • Search for someone who had the same interest

In each of these ads, the individual could seek out someone in another city, country, race, gender and etc. While many people begin to use the personals on Craigslist, it also opened up a door for kids to be sexually exploited to. This is one of the primary reasons why the legislation that was passed is meant to address and prevent sex crimes.

But don’t worry, according to social fish, there are still some alternatives for it like Doublelist, Tinder, Happn, Zoosk and many others. some of them are free but some are not, you can also use Backpage or it’s alternatives instead, this is 100% free to use.

Craigslist Shutdown Personals Section in March 2018

This shutdown is meant to prevent to address a wide range of different sex activities that’s currently going on today. For instance, with this law, it prevents crimes that occur from these ads including individuals having sexual encounters with strangers. For instance, if you are the owner of any online company, you need to make sure that your site complies with these laws so that you are not liable for the actions of what you do and what you allow on your site. This is because online business are expected to conduct their business in good faith.

To adhere to the letter of these laws, businesses are responsible for protecting their visitors and their users from being exposed to any objectionable content such as lewd vulgar pictures, obscene images, violent excessively generated and posted content that will not only offend but violate the laws that have just been established.

As stated in the previous information listed above, Craiglist has shut down its personals section on its site. Other sections of Craigslist are still available for use and review so all sections are not impacted. The primary reason for shutting down these services is because of the changes in the laws,Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act that addresses preventing sex crimes and sex trafficking that involve kids.

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