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Rape & Sexual Abuse

Rape and sexual assault are topics few people are comfortable discussing. They unfortunately bring up feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment or depression so are tucked away deep inside, sometimes for decades. Bringing our experiences to the forefront may set us free of those feelings, and cause deeper awareness of the seriousness of this crime. With awareness and education comes change.

In this area we will share stories, discuss sexual abuse, date rape, safety tips, statistics and dismiss old myths that cause shame or guilt. Our hope is to bring this topic forward for review, understanding, support, education and awareness. As women and mothers we can teach our sons and daughters how to treat each other, how to be prepared and how to stay safe. It's time. Your voice was taken away that day or night. We offer you this place to reclaim that voice.

Please feel free to submit your story here. Stories may be from the victim, friend or family member. Sexual assault is far reaching and affects mothers, fathers, sister, brothers, friends and children. Therefore, we expect to receive some stories from those peripherally touched by this crime. We ask that you do not use real names or places. We will edit for grammar and spelling if necessary and send you the link for approval.

Thank you for sharing!

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