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Difficult Holidays

As the holidays approach each year, many of us are reminded of missing family members, promises broken, arguments with those we love, estrangement, lost dreams... Holidays are supposed to be a time of celebration and love. We work hard to create that atmosphere both at home and with our friends. Sometimes things get in the way. Sometimes we are lonely. Sometimes the problems are just too big. Writing about them is a way to give them respect and validation. Writing helps put them aside for a few days, and often aids in healing. Whether your holidays are blurred because of big problems or small ones, we invite you to write about them. We hope that writing your story may help you... we know it will help others. Warm wishes for a joyful and healing holiday season!

We invite you to submit your story here. Please indicate if you would like us to use your first name. Without your permission we will not include your name and your story will be anonymous. We ask that you not mention names or places if the situation may be damaging to others. We will edit for grammar and spelling if necessary and send you the link for review. Send in your stories at any time. Remember to send us a title for your story.

Thank you for participating!


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