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Exploring Womanhood > Tough Issues > Single Parenting, Blended Families and more

Single Parenting, Blended Families and more

Single parenting and blended family parenting have their own rewards and special, unique gifts. But along the way, the adjustments and obstacles can be challenging, lonely, or test the limits of relationships. As children in blended families, we often bring our own memories or issues along with us when we begin families of our own.

We are at a critical time when many family "types" need to be understood, accepted, respected and supported. Perhaps you have a story about parenting a child alone, same-gender parenting, growing up in a blended household, adapting to yours, mine and ours. Your words may help others understand from the inside out. Your story may shed light on how to cope or deal with problems at hand. We need to speak out for our children's future.

We invite you to submit your story here. Please indicate if you would like us to use your first name. Without your permission we will not include your name and your story will be anonymous. We ask that you not mention names or places if the situation may be damaging to others. We will edit for grammar and spelling if necessary and send you the link for review. Remember to send us a title for your story.


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