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EW's Wedding Channel!

The Secret Power of Letting Go When You Want to Hold on Tighter
When friends and family members are going through a rough time, often our immediate reaction is to try to resolve the situation for them and ease their pain. However, by easing our grip on relationships and circumstances that feel out of control, we paradoxically gain the control we were missing. Learn more from Evelyn Roberts Brooks.

Three Ways to Think Like Einstein and Attract New Love
Has finding lasting love made you feel insane? Here are three easy ways to stop the insanity and find renewed faith in lasting love.

When Too Much of a Good Thing Sours a Marriage: 5 Ways to Finding the Balance
When we fall in love and meet that most amazing person for us, we feel as if we have finally come to a place where we can rest. What do we do then, when we know we have met our perfect partner and over time it seems as if what we have is almost too good and things start to sour?

Passive-Aggressive In-Laws: How to Beat Them at Their Own Game
Dr. Deanna Brann, clinical psychotherapist and leading expert in the field of mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationships, offers tips for mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws (and the men in the middle!) to break the passive aggressive patterns in their relationship in her new article, "Passive-Aggressive In-Laws: How to Beat Them at Their Own Game."

Legal Separation or Divorce: Which is Better Financially?
We're all familiar with couples that decide to live separately for a while before actually getting divorced. And typically, these couples use this "trial separation" to decide whether or not they want to pursue formal legal action. These days, however, more and more couples are deciding to remain separated, rather than divorce - even after they know their marriages are fractured beyond repair. Why would a woman make this choice? What reasons could there possibly be to live apart from a spouse, and yet remain married? Learn more from expert Jeff Landers.

Seven Requirements to Look for in a Life Partner
Marriage is a long term and hopefully life-long endeavor. Because of this it is important that we take our time to find someone who is compatible with us on all levels. To really know who the best fit is for us, we must love ourselves deeply. If we have self-love and knowledge, this is what will help us make the wisest decision in a partner. Learn more from Sherrie Campbell, Ph.D.

Ten Secrets to Making Love Last
Here are ten tips to make love last by showing that you truly value your partner.

Considering an Affair?
Thinking seriously about having an affair can bring stormy weather into a smooth sailing loving relationship, and having one more often than not shipwrecks the love boat. If affairs do so much harm, why are they so popular? Here are seven reasons that they are so alluring.

Seven Ways to Make Him Fall Head Over Heels for You
Whether you have just started dating or you're already in a relationship, you want to always keep your man on his toes. Here are 7 ways to keep him interested and make him love you forever.

What to Do When Your Partner Has Become Your Enemy
The healthiest relationships are the ones where both people can be right and have the opportunity to express their feelings and be heard. Learn more from Argument/Affairs Expert and Therapist Sharon M. Rivkin.

Getting Back In So You Can Finally Stay Out
One of the hardest things to do is to leave a relationship. A more difficult undertaking is staying out. Learn more from Argument/Affairs Expert and Therapist Sharon M. Rivkin.

Love is Like Money . . . Are You Investing?
Relationships are like bank accounts. If you keep pulling money out without making deposits you will go bankrupt. What does the balance sheet of your love life look like? Learn more from Jackie Black, Ph.D.

Honor and Respect Your Partner's Feelings as if They Are Your Own
Feelings are as normal as hunger and fatigue. When we dismiss, diminish, ridicule, criticize, mock, belittle, disparage or demean anyone's feelings we are acting in the most disrespectful and unloving way. Next time your Honey (or anyone in your life, for that matter) expresses a feeling, consider hearing the feeling as a sacred offering.

10 Secrets to Keep Your Relationship Working Happily Ever After
Do you have what it takes to make a long-term relationship work? After 23 years in a successful third (!!?) marriage, Maia Berens has learned 10 Secrets to Keep Your Relationship Working Happily Ever After. Each secret requires certain attributes and strategies to fulfill them. Learn more from Maia Berens, including additional details about Secret #1 - Deciding who's most important - him or you?

Luck Won't Make Your Marriage a Success: Four Benefits of Pre-Marital Counseling
Don't count on luck to beat the divorce odds . . . and drop the fantasy. By discussing important issues and learning skills through pre-marital counseling, you'll be forming a solid foundation for a successful marriage. Learn more from Argument/Affairs Expert and Therapist Sharon Rivkin.

You've Got a Friend: How to Help a Friend in Need
You have a friend in crisis. The most common reaction to such situations is for you to call to express your feelings and ask what you can do to help. However, it's difficult for people in crisis to ask for help or be specific with their needs. What can you do? Author Susan LaScala shares some wonderful suggestions.

Five Things You Need to Know When Your Parents Retire
Parenting is a full time effort, but sometimes it's your own parents who need attention-especially when they are getting ready to retire. As a culture, we do a lousy job of helping people with this transition. At best, we encourage them to be sure they have enough money. But that's just the price of admission. To retire well, there are a whole lot more important things to consider. Here are five of them.

Ask Dr. Jackie . . . How to Increase Intimacy in Your Relationship
Take the time to truly develop, take care of and preserve the intimacy of your relationship, learn to roll with the ups and downs and you will enjoy the warmth and tenderness of the relationship you want and deserve. Dr. Jackie Black shows us how.

Affairs: The Ultimate Challenge
An affair is one of the most difficult challenges a couple can face. It is a powerful catalyst that can either end the relationship or take it to a greater level of intimacy. An extreme symptom of a relationship that has been in trouble for some time, affairs do not happen out of the blue. In the flood of doubts and questions, here are some guidelines to help you decide if you should stay with or leave your cheating partner by Sharon M. Rivkin, MA, MFT.

Finding Closure When a Relationship Suddenly Ends
How do you ever find closure with a guy who heads for the hills and never tells you why? It's gut-wrenchingly hard, but you have to find closure within yourself. Here's how by Dalma Heyn.

Seven Warning Signs of a Troubled Relationship
When is it time to say, "My relationship is in trouble, and we need help"? How do you know when that time is? Sharon M. Rivkin, MA, MFT explains the warning signs and what to do.

Looking for Love This Summer? This Time, Make It Meaningful
To recognize summer romance as something that can be meaningful no matter how long it lasts is to bring you to a new understanding about yourself that will serve you for years to come. Learn more from author Laura Berman Fortgang.

Giving Up the Fantasy of the Perfect Mate: What REAL Marriages Are All About
How do we make a REAL marriage work and simultaneously keep the love alive when reality of the everyday chores, struggles, and inconsistencies of our partner sets in? Here are seven truths to remember about REAL marriages when the fantasy turns into reality.

Staying Committed and Keeping that Spark Alive
In your demanding world filled with multiple priorities, responsibilities and distractions, everything and everyone else seems to be more important than attending to your most intimate and special relationship. Here are a few simple suggestions to get your own personal creativity going to keep that spark alive!

4 Ways to Survive the Hard Times and Come Out Closer
Can a relationship, even one that may be experiencing its own hard times, come out better for surviving the hard times? Here are some ways to use the recession to your benefit.

Relationship Red Flags: 5 Tips for Identifying Your Negotiables and Non-Negotiables
You're in a new relationship, and you're starting to see some red flags, warning you that the relationship may not be a good bet, but does that mean you should leave? How do you know if the red flags mean future disaster, or are just a warning?

"PASS OR FAIL" - Strengthen Your Marriage with a Simple Daily Exercise
Is it easier to smile at strangers some days than at your special person at home? If you want a better relationship with your spouse, you need to practice all day, every day, with total strangers. Winn Claybaugh explains how.

Change Your Language, Change Your Relationship: How We Say Things Does Matter
Words and how we say them do matter, so it's very important to be careful how you speak to your partner and others. The misuse and carelessness of how you speak are two of the main issues that undermine and can eventually destroy a relationship. Learn more from marriage and family therapist Sharon Rivkin.

You've Gotta Get Back in to Get Back Out: Leaving a Relationship Is Hard To Do
One of the hardest tasks we face in a relationship is leaving. A more difficult undertaking is staying out. Learn more from Marriage and Family Therapist Sharon M. Rivkin.

Everybody Loves Raymond But Hates His Parents
While most of us cringe whenever Raymond's mother, Marie, manipulates everyone with guilt, we don't realize that Raymond is the one who allows her to have such a destructive effect on his marriage. If you are married to a "Raymond," then here are five things you can do to gain his loyalty.

Breast Cancer: How to Be a Long Distance Friend
What should a friend, far-away, do when their friend has cancer? Ruth Haag shares her special experience and love of her friend Nancy.

How Loved Ones Can Help in a Medical Crisis
When dealing with a serious medical problem, you have to realize that your condition is going to have an impact on everyone around you and that it will be toughest on the one you love. Learn how to work together from Steven Hefferon, CMT, PTA.

How to Have Greater Conversations with Your "Greatest Generation" Parent
When it comes to helping our parents' record their life stories, there's no time like the present and no better gift to the future.

Changing Friendships in Midlife: How Exercise can Clarify Confusion
When you reach age forty, your needs for companionship may change drastically from when you were younger. You may require more honesty and dependability or you may be uncertain about what you need in a friend. Exercising while focusing on your friendship issues can help you clarify confusion that you are experiencing.

Finding a Nursing Home: What You Need to Know
Finding the right nursing home is not easy, and you may be under pressure to move fast due to a recent hospitalization or deterioration in condition. The more information you have, the greater your chances of finding the right fit for you or a loved one. Here are some tips on narrowing down your options.

Elder Abuse: a Deepening Current Social Issue Preventing Elder Abuse Is a Question of Education, Ethics and Morality
To persons of good will it is hard to understand what kind of person would abuse the elderly. Bullies actively seek out vulnerability and gains gratification provoking arguments and increasing hostility. Some even take pleasure in inflicting physical harm. There are signs you can watch for . . .

Coping With a Difficult Former Spouse as You Co-Parent
Consider that this co-parenting situation with your former spouse is a spiritual test. The immediate goal is to resolve the current issue, but the ultimate goal is to walk away from any interaction no matter how unpleasant with a greater connection to your soul. Author Michele Germain explains how.

Fighting Fair: Three Rules to Keep in Mind
Shakespeare's oft-quoted line, "All's fair in love and war," may be true, but it shouldn't be interpreted as license to do whatever we feel like-at least not if having a happy marriage is our goal. If you want to be happily wed, you will need to establish and follow some basic ground rules for resolving your differences. We might call this Fighting Fair.

One Magic Strategy for Your Relationship
Whether you are in a happy time with your partner right now or experiencing stress, there is one powerful, easy strategy you can use by yourself to create a more pleasant atmosphere in your home, almost instantly! Learn more from author Susan Page.

Moving Mom and Dad
Helping your parents move from the home they have lived in for many years is difficult. Making this transition is not easy, but it can be manageable if you keep these things in mind.

Strategies to Cope with Anger After Divorce
Unresolved and misdirected anger can keep the heart closed, the body tense and the mind chaotic. Spiritually you can feel lost and become disconnected from your deepest self - your soul. Therefore, it is critical to understand and work with your anger in an appropriate way allowing your body, heart and mind to be in an open peaceful state.

Help Make It STOP! Surviving Domestic Violence
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Battering is a way for one person in a relationship to establish control over another person. It can occur within every socio-economic group and knows no boundaries. The types of abuse can vary from emotional/mental abuse to physical/financial abuse. The types of abuse are varied, but the affects are the same. The victim is de-humanized, their self-esteem is shattered, and are typically scared into in-action. Learn what you can do to stop the abuse NOW!

Maintaining a Healthy and Loving Relationship
Most of us want to fall in love, be in love and stay in love and magically live happily ever after. But fulfilling relationships do not happen automatically and they don't happen when the relationship is driven by a need rather than caring. If the relationship is going to grow we must give it our time and attention. Author Michele Germain explains how to build and maintain a healthy and loving relationship.

Surviving A Dysfunctional Family: Ten Ways to Make Peace With the Past and Create a New Future
Surviving a dysfunctional family doesn't necessarily mean getting along better with your relatives. The most important thing is dedication to trying new things and learning from your experience. Change doesn't happen overnight; it comes little by little, more and more, deepening your ability to love, create, and make a difference personally and in society. So how do you go about doing this? Here are ten ways to spark change in your life and relationships.

Why Do People Lie?
Lying is always a form of control. Some people are pathological liars, having learned that they get a rush from manipulating others with lies. But most people lie when they are afraid of the consequences of telling the truth. Learn more from Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Tips to Keep Your Romance Sparkling Spark up your love life with these quick tips from Liya Lev Oertel, author of "52 Romantic Evenings" (Meadowbrook Press).

The Dating Scene - Signs of a Promising Relationship
Learn some of the red flags as well as some of the signs of a promising relationship from Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Opening Up to Love After Being Hurt by Natasha Munson
You can open yourself up to love, but know that love must be reciprocal. You will love him and he will love you. You will not need each other, but you will want each other. Love is not needy. Love is not possessive. Love is something that makes your life better and makes you feel happy.

The Ten Commandments of Family Harmony by Mark Sichel, LCSW
Family feuds can cause depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, sadness, confusion, and rage. No one wants to live like that! Here are some simple rules for turning family feuds into family fun.

Pregnancy and Parenting at StorkNet
If you're looking for information on pregnancy and parenting, StorkNet has a wealth of information including a week by week guide to pregnancy.

Domestic Violence Discussion with Jennifer Bowles, MSW, LCSW

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