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Seven Ways to Make Him Fall Head Over Heels for You
By Anna Karimo, www.nouveaudating.com

Nouveau Dating solutionsWhether you have just started dating or you're already in a relationship, you want to always keep your man on his toes. Men like it when you keep things interesting and keep them guessing. Here are 7 ways to keep him interested and make him love you forever.

Be Trendy
I ran the largest dating service in Colorado, and I was surprised that almost every single man (even the cowboy guys!) wanted to date a trendy woman. Men constantly see advertisements with trendy women, so they've been conditioned to think that trendy is attractive. Throw away your old clothes and only wear up-to-date fashions. You should also dress for your body type. Your trendy style will make him want to touch you all the time. He will always be eager to see what you're going to wear next.

Be Unique and Confident
Dress in your own style and express yourself in a unique way. Be confident with who you are and your uniqueness. Wear it like you own it. If you're preppy, own it with class. If you're a hippie, own it with fun. If you're an intellectual, own it with a smart, sexy look. He will appreciate your uniqueness, and he will see you as the woman he's been looking for all his life.

Be Interesting
You have to have a wider vocabulary than the words "me" and "I." If you have nothing to bring to the table and he always brings everything, he'll run away from you as fast as possible no matter how beautiful you are. Have your own interests and learn about them. Tell him about what you learned. Also, you can be interested in something that he likes as well, like politics or sports.

Be Sensual
Every woman has her own style and her own way of attracting men. There's a particular thing that all women have in common-sensuality. Some women flaunt it and are wild and sexy. Others are shy but still show their sensuality. Your man will love to see you flirt with him more than other guys. Whatever you do, like touching your hair, rolling your eyes, crossing your legs, keep doing it!

Be Caring
All men love their mothers! Be caring, loving and warm. That is the most important thing he'll look for if he's going to make the decision to marry you and have you be the mother of his children. No matter how old men are, they're still looking for that caring, loving, warm mother. Care for him, and he'll be your puppy forever.

Be Consistent
Men want to have a reliable partner. If you say something, follow through. Make your words and actions the same, or a great man could think that you're not stable. Be consistent with him as well as others, and he will appreciate that you treat others with respect as well. It will be easy for him to decide that you are the one forever.

Be Independent and Give Him Space
Have your own life. Make sure you tell him that you have things you want to do without him like go out with your girlfriends or do an activity like yoga, traveling, etc. It's going to make you feel like your own person and give you lots of confidence. It will also give him space to hang out with his buddies. He'll also appreciate you more because he won't see you as clingy. Plus, he will be a little afraid that he'll lose you because you'll have a line of men after you. It will make him much more attracted to you and want to be with you forever.

About the Author:
Anna KarimoAnna Karimo is the founder and CEO of Nouveau Dating. Anna formerly ran the largest dating service in Colorado, and she noticed that many of her clients did not know how to date effectively. She collected and read over 6,000 comment cards about the dates her clients went on to deepen her understanding about dating and relationships. Anna now dedicates her time to creating dating courses and packages based on her observations from the dating service. To find out more, visit www.nouveaudating.com or www.annakarimo.com.

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