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How to Stay Motivated During Your Exercise Journey
by Richard Chan

I think we can all agree that the hard part with exercising is staying motivated. I totally understand and I go through this every so often. I try to remind myself by following a few simple rules that allow me to keep on track of my goals so I can continue to be encouraged with my exercising. Some of them start with short term goals or taking baby steps. As you begin to approach these smaller goals or accomplish them, you will build confidence. You will then become motivated since accomplishing anything is very rewarding. By knowing how much time and effort you've invested, you will feel great when you begin to see results. So, let me discuss how you can stay motivated.

1. Write down your short and long term goals. Next, acknowledge it by saying it to yourself or someone close to you such as a friend or spouse. By admitting it, you have taken action in implementing these goals. We tend to think about our goals in our mind but it was just a thought that passed by us so saying it aloud is a commitment we just made to ourselves.

2. Reflect back on previous attempts that have made you to stop exercising. Do you see the same pattern that you are heading or what are ways you can do things differently this time? Were you exercising too much the first few weeks and you decided it was just too much work? Start off with the basics and work out a schedule that you can handle and slowly progress from that stage. Let's face it, these days everyone has a busy lifestyle with their career, family and friends. Try to find a routine that is simple, quick, and consistent that works for you!

3. Be patient with your exercising. Most of us exercise so we can lose weight, tone up, stay healthy, etc. Seeing results isn't anything that is overnight or the first week. There are no short cuts in life and that goes for exercising as well. If you want to see results you have to be patient with yourself. If you are burning more calories than you eat, your body is continuing to change. Even if it's slower than you expected, results are still present but at a slower process than you want. As they say good things come to those who wait!

4. Be around people who have similar interest as yourself. Get a training partner whether you are training at home, gym, etc. Having someone who can motivate you when you are down or tired helps a lot! I've gone through that road many times and having that training partner helped me immensely. Of course, some of us may not have a training partner and that is when your determination powers through to finish that work out. Also, talk to fitness professionals in the health industry and they can assist you or hire a qualified personal trainer.

5. Constantly monitoring your weight does not help at all. By getting on that dreaded scale, it can definitely discourage your progress if you haven't lost any weight. There are so many things that can play a factor such as attaining more lean muscle, water retention, etc. Muscle does weigh more than fat and I like to think things out from a logical point of view. If you feel and look better in your clothes then you are making great progress. Focus more attention about losing fat loss rather than weight loss.

6. Always educate yourself. Go to a book store, library, or surf the internet and read as much material on health and fitness as you can. As they say, knowledge is power!

7. Rewarding yourself is another bonus. Go to that much needed massage after exercising hard since you've done a good job the past few weeks. Other ways to reward yourself can be going away for a day with a friend or spouse, check out a movie, buy yourself a small gift such as running shoes or workout clothes. We all need to feel self appreciated and this can definitely jump start yourself by knowing you deserve it!

8. Try to stay positive. I know each day is different and you may not feel the same way as you did the previous work out. Find ways to stay positive by remembering that you always feel great after exercising, finishing this workout will allow me to do my other things such as watching TV, you ate some junk food today so need this workout to balance the calories, etc. Sometimes being competitive can be good as well and the days you don't want to exercise, you can think to yourself that you don't want your training partner to being one step ahead of you!

9. Keep track of your progress. A simple way to keep motivated is to see how far you've come when you first started or what areas do you still need to improve. Keep a diary and log your exercise routine and training regimen. Set up your own progression chart on a set schedule by taking measurements of your body, weighing yourself, evaluating your body fat percentage. This can be done every 3-4 weeks to evaluate your progress.

10. Your determination and perseverance is the key to success. There are no gimmicks or tricks on this last point as success only come from within. It is up to you to succeed in life whatever your short or long term goals are.

Exercising benefits your overall health, reduces stress, and aids in disease prevention. Those ought to motivate you as well as these ten tips!

About the Author:
Richard Chan is a Health and Fitness Life Coach, promoting good health internally and externally. For more information you can visit Richard Chan at http://www.flex-fitness.com regarding exercising, training or nutrition.


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