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Why Are You Holding On to Your Eating and Weight Problems?
by Kenneth Schwarz, Ph.D. and Julie North Schwarz

You're no doubt aware of a lot of the negatives about overeating and being overweight. You feel bad physically. You hate the way you look. You can't wear the clothes you want to wear. You can't move the way you want to move. You feel out of control and you don't like it. You keep trying to diet and end up feeling like a failure. You feel stuck.

There's no question that there are negatives when it comes to eating and weight problems. But what about the positives? There must be an upside or else you wouldn't hold on to your eating problems. It stands to reason, right? There have to be some positive things overeating and being overweight do for you.

These positives are what you might be afraid to lose if you change yourself in relation to food and your weight. When you acknowledge these benefits, you can then create other ways to get what you're after.

Take this quiz to find out what the positives are for you.

  1. Eating helps reduce my level of stress.

  2. Eating makes me feel cared for.

  3. Eating is how I reward myself.

  4. Being overweight keeps me from taking scary risks in my life.

  5. Being overweight keeps me safe from sexual situations.

  6. Eating helps me feel less lonely.

  7. Being overweight means I don't have to compete with other women in the looks department.

  8. Food gives me something I can always depend on.

  9. When I eat, I don't worry as much.

  10. When I eat as much as I want, I feel powerful.

  11. Being bigger makes me feel more important.

  12. Being bigger makes me feel sturdy enough to stand up to whatever life throws at me.

  13. Eating is a way for me to control my anger.

  14. Eating keeps me from feeling too sad.

  15. Food gives me something to look forward to.

Think about which of these statements are true for you. This is the upside. These are the things you get from overeating and being overweight.

Can you see how your eating and your weight are actually satisfying other needs in your life? Can you create new ways to satisfy these needs so you don't have to rely on food to solve non-food issues? That would be a perfect way for you to let go and lose the weight once and for all.

About the Authors:
Dr. Kenneth Schwarz, a psychologist and psychoanalyst, and Julie North Schwarz are the founders of Maria's Last Diet, an online weight loss support website for women. At Maria's Last Diet, you'll find tools to fix the thoughts, feelings, and automatic habits that fight against you when you diet. Visit http://www.mariaslastdiet.com for more weight loss tips and dieting support. © Maria's Last Diet


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