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Mind Body and Soul

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What if a Genie Gave You Three Wishes?
By Wendy Baudín

Would you be ready if all of a sudden a Magical Genie popped out of a lamp and gave you three wishes and you had to provide the Genie those wishes within a few minutes? What would you ask for? Okay then, let's pretend I am that Genie, and so tell me . . . what are your wishes? Now, you only have a few minutes so think of your highest, happiest and best wishes.

You know how easily the Genie can misunderstand wishes, so be sure you are clear and definite. Don't leave any room for confusion and end up receiving the wrong thing. For example: If you wish for a million bucks, you might get a herd of male deer's!! So be clear then the Genie gives you what you really are asking for.

How many of us are really prepared and have taken the time to truly clarify what we want for our lives? This is what the Law of Attraction is all about and how it works. It gives you what it receives from you . . . it's a circle . . . what you send out you receive . . . and the LOA listens to you 24 hours and not just for those few minutes while you are giving the Genie your greatest wishes.

Take the time to truly:

  • Discover what it is you are truly looking for to make you feel fulfilled
  • Think . . . Ponder . . . Dream . . . Imagine and then write it down
  • Dream Big! Let your thoughts soar to the stars
  • Treat yourself right so that you can bestow good things to others and spread the joy
  • Make yourself feel good because you deserve it
  • Do it all with love in your heart . . . inner unconditional love

Can we really be truly happy and content, when we know there are so many others that are not and don't have the opportunities that we have? I have discovered that in order for me to be truly happy, everyone else needs to be truly happy. So my wishes are about ensuring that everyone receives love, happiness, health and abundance. If everyone is blessed and feels fulfilled, then wouldn't this be a much happier place to be? Wouldn't we then be thrilled about our lives? There would be no greed, no competition, no stealing, no power struggles, no manipulation, no control, no poverty, no starvation, no wars, no violence . . . all of this would be null and void.

Remember, it starts with you first.

  • Take good care of yourself and that includes thinking good things about you
  • Love yourself from your heart and not from the aggressive and controlling ego self
  • Be prepared and let the Universe know exactly what is your auspicious life
  • Keep focused without any doubt or fear and without harm to others
  • Choose to do good things for yourself so that it will overflow to others
  • Whatever you do . . . Do it all with love in your heart . . . inner unconditional love!!!

About the Author:
Wendy Baudín, MPA, SLC started paving her path to become a Self-Love Sherpa 30 years ago while doing plenty of deep and heavy lifting in her own life. Having dealt with and overcome a wide range of challenges, ranging from surviving a near-death experience, suffering the tragic loss of a twin son at birth, divorce, and being a care giver for a parent, she acquired the skills to move ahead with grace - without carrying the weight of such heavy baggage. Utilizing a lifetime of formal and enrichment education, Wendy's mission today is to work side by side with women at mid-life. Working together, Wendy takes them on a step-by-step journey to reach toward the mountaintops that are their highest and best expression of what they want their life and work to be about today. See where you rank in your life and if you are ready to take the journey to the top of your mountain with your Free Self-Love Assessment and "Your Self-Love Breakthrough Chat with Wendy Baudín".

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