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Grab Life By the Tail! - Take Charge of Change
by Kim Green-Spangler

Are you happy with all of the facets of everyday life? Not everyday - because that would be asking just a bit too much and other people and their drama cannot be controlled by us, but can you say that for the most part you're happy? If not, what are you going to do about it? Yes, you. It's up to you to make life changes that will bring about a positive existence. Did you know that according to a study performed by Scripps Howard/Ohio University that approximately only 52% of Americans say that they are very happy with their lives? This survey means that nearly half of all Americans feel that there is room for improvement in their lives. Whether it's your source of income, relationship, friendships, living situation, or family issue, you control the solution. Are you feeling empowered or a bit unnerved? July 9th through the 15th marks "Take Charge of Change" week, and could be a wonderful place to start if change is desired.

Why is it important to change things that are making you unhappy? Unhappiness causes stress which can lead to a multitude of other health-related problems, depression, lethargy, poor interactions with others, and overall moodiness. Why live a life with all of this angst when it can be happy and healthy? Wouldn't it be great to wake up in the morning and be thrilled about starting the day, or to not be able to wait until the next family gathering, or to not be able to wait until it was time to go home? You can have these things and more to look forward to on a daily basis with a little work. Most people are afraid of change. It's scary to upset a predictable existence - even if the situation is an unhappy one. The key is to remember that the new outcome could be such a positive welcomed change that the hard work to get from Point A to Point B is well worth the effort.

Hands Off

It would be wonderful to be able to wave that magic wand and make everything change for the better, but unfortunately that is not the case, the behavior and actions of others cannot be controlled (unless they happen to be one's own children and even that's an uphill battle), so accepting this fact makes life much easier. That challenging co-worker who insists on making inappropriate remarks, or the PTA mom who orders everyone around, or the parent who continually criticizes even though you do what you can for them and have a family of your own cannot be controlled. You can only control how you respond to them, if you choose to be around them. That decision is yours.

In the Palm of Your Hand

Are you ready to make those changes that can make life a joy to live again? Tell someone exactly how you feel. If someone is doing or saying something that annoys you - tell them. Otherwise accept responsibility for allowing the undesirable situation to continue. They may not know that what they are doing really gets under your skin. If you've been passed over for a promotion find out why. It could be that you are lacking a skill that an evening course could rectify in time for the next review. If your son's whining is working your last nerve, discuss it with him and put a plan in action to reward non-whining behavior. Whatever it is that is making you unhappy - some thought, followed with action, could result in a change that'll turn life around for the better. When things start changing for the better it's infectious. It creates a positive attitude, environment and overall existence that will invade each faction of life - if you let it.

Embrace Change

Remember change is good! It allows one the opportunity to make a bad situation better, correct a behavior, and develop a new skill. Change allows one to take control over their own destiny. Aren't you ready to get into the driver seat and stop being the passenger in your own life? Make yourself happy, create the dream job, and meet the person of your dreams. It's up to you to make it happen. Let Take Charge of Change Week be the catapult that you need to thrust you into the active participant role. It's time to vacate your seat on the sidelines and create your happiness.


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