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Hey Moms! A Daily Dose of Cheer - For Y-O-U!
by Kim Green-Spangler

It's February. Prime time for the winter blahs to take hold and energy drains to run rampant. The holidays are over, the hustle and bustle has settled down and spring seems very far away. If the doldrums seem to have permanently moved in with you, it's time to take action.

Welcome to National Self-Esteem Month. Want to know what your self-esteem has to do with the winter blahs? Well, a person with a positive self-esteem won't allow the blahs to move in. They're so busy doing things they love, with people who love them, at places they love, that they're having WAY too much fun to be glum. So how does that help you? It's time to give your self-esteem CPR.

  1. Learn to Love Yourself first!
    It's so easy to get caught up in a busy daily lifestyle. Children, chores, work, spouse, friends, etc. all require time in order to keep things moving. But if you're feeling fatigued, depressed, or stressed the other things will suffer also. Developing a positive self-esteem is all about recognizing that you come first. If mom is not happy and healthy - neither mom nor family will thrive.

  2. Forgive Yourself
    Life is not perfect and neither are humans. Mistakes are made. Better decisions could have been made, etc. But what good does it do to dwell on it. Does it change the decision or the outcome? Nope. Forgive yourself and Let it go!

  3. Celebrate Yourself
    What's good about you? Are you a nice person? Are you a good friend, daughter, mother, wife, etc? When was the last time you acknowledged this about yourself? People are typically quick to compliment others on their achievements, but reluctant to do it for themselves. Have a "Me Fest" on a designated day, or each day at a designated time. If you need to see it in print, keep an "All About Me" journal, full of all of the great things that make you who you are. Dedicate the first page to short statements or affirmations that describe how you would like to feel about yourself. (I am beautiful - despite the fact that you want to lose 10 lbs, or haven't made it to the hair dresser, etc.) Affirmations are a prime example of "build it and it will come." As you repeat them, trust in them and believe them, over time they tend to become your reality.

  4. Support Yourself
    Want to create some positive change in your life? Determine what those changes are, then support yourself and stop the self-sabotage. If weight-loss is an issue start by buying healthier foods, adding more exercise into your daily routine, or even commit to exercise on a regular basis with a friend or family member. Note that stocking up with junk food, being sedentary and sharing your goals with hecklers would not be the most productive road to take. Put actions into place that mesh with your goals and watch your self-esteem pick up steam.

  5. Honor Yourself
    Spend time doing things you really enjoy. If you like going to the movies, listening to music, taking long relaxing baths, taking up new hobbies, etc., do it! It's your job to make yourself and keep yourself happy. Not once every blue moon, but each and everyday. It can be difficult to find time to do something big everyday, but small things count too. Read an affirmation, buy/pick a single flower or read a chapter in a book. It doesn't have to be huge or lengthy, simply enjoyable and rewarding - to you.

  6. Remind Yourself
    It's easy to fall off of the self-esteem wagon. Failure to make it part of a regular routine is the quickest way. Don't get defeated. You ARE made of sterner stuff! Instead prioritize yourself. Put your self-esteem goals and actions on your calendar in ink, don't pencil it in, and make a date with yourself. Each night before bed ask yourself or journal about the thing you did today to boost your self-esteem. Make it a habit - a GOOD one.

Over time the blahs will occur less and less frequently and confidence will abound. You ARE worth the time and effort and your happiness IS the most important thing. You are the foundation of your family; help make it a happier and healthier.

p.s. What a great tool to teach children while they are young! They learn to nurture their self-worth and maintain a positive self-esteem on their own.


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