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Mind Body and Soul

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Put a Little Passion in Your Life
by Kim Green-Spangler

Not the male/female kind of passion - but the "make the heart lighter and the feet dance" kind of passion, deep down to the soul. Do you enjoy your day to day life, or are you just going through the motions? If your life has become a little monotonous, or if you're wondering "what next?" why not take control of your life by determining if you're living the best life that you can be. How can you know this? By identifying your passion and making a commitment to follow it and let it guide your heart, if you are not already doing so.

What exactly is your passion? Your passion is what makes you want to get up each morning and face your day. It can be anything that brings you almost indescribable joy, personal satisfaction, and fulfillment. Your role as a partner, spouse, parent, employee, or business owner all are potential sources for fulfilling your passion. It took me many years to identify and acknowledge my passions. Yes, I have several - being a mom, being self-employed, crafting, and writing are all my passions. Yet I know many people who are still trying to decide what their passion is. If you fall into that category - that's okay, it takes time and scrutiny. However, there are some people who never uncover their passions, because they haven't bothered to look, or because they refuse to see the writing on the wall.

How does one try to uncover their passion? Observation is the biggest key to uncovering one's passion. What is it that makes you really happy while you are doing it, when you think of it, at any time? Is it your career, the instrument you play, or reading? Was it something that you haven't done since childhood, or something that you tried once but have been unable to get the feeling out of your mind? How about something that you stumbled across? Something that left you thrilled, but was completely unexpected. Many parents find this to be true. This is also common when one "falls into" new careers. This can be something from the past, present, or future. Something that you've already experienced, or something that you intuitively know will bring you joy. If any of these scenarios are a fit - YES! You may be on to something!

How does one pursue it? Find ways to incorporate your passions into your life. If your passion requires additional funds, training, or time that is currently in short supply, look for smaller ways to get from here to there. If you need to go back to school to earn a degree, just take one or two courses at a time. Or if changing careers is your passion, start by revamping your resume. You don't have to delve right into your passion you can ease into it bit by bit, as long as you are taking steps in the right direction.

If you've actually identified your passion but are a bit reluctant to pursue it, ask yourself why. Is it because you're very close to living your dream? If the answer is yes, look at it this way - something that is your passion today may not be tomorrow. So instead of putting your passions on hold, fearful that you will have nothing new to strive towards, embrace them today, knowing that life will take care of providing you with more opportunities to experience new things. Pursuing your passion is making a commitment to yourself to respect your needs and desires. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be happy and fulfilled. Remember to be true to you.


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