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Self-Care Minder

Exploring Womanhood > Mind, Body & Soul > Self-Care Minder

Notice the Apple Blossoms Bloom
by Jennifer Louden

My dear friend Mary Davies carries this quote with her always, hand copied in her tiny writer's notebook. It is from naturalist, anthropologist, and writer Loren Eiseley's Lost Notebooks:

"...we would assume that what it is we meant

would have been listed in some book set down
beyond the sky's far reaches, if at all
there was a purpose here. But now I think
the purpose lives in us and that we fall

into an error if we do not keep
our own true notebook of the way we came,
how the sleet stung, or how a wandering bird
cried at the window..."

Mary cried when she read this to me and I had tears in my eyes too... I'm struck by Loren's call to tend life by first noticing it, precisely, tenderly, as a poet does.

To notice the apple blossoms on the tree, to see the frothy cream flecked with apple green, to swallow the scent of tenderness, to observe the leaves of shaky silver.

Then to acknowledge that your noticing MATTERS. How often do you or I believe that our noticing doesn't matter as much as when someone important sees something, like the president or prime minister or even our friend who is such a talented ______ so when she notices, it matters... What if the purpose (of life, of meaning, of the web that knits us together) lives in each of us and is torn just a bit each time we don't take the time or deem we are not vital to the seeing, the knitting together?

Take it one step further: if you don't acknowledge what you see, then when everybody in your town orders bottled water or has a filter installed on their kitchen sink because the water isn't safe to drink, what happens to your seeing of this fact? If it isn't important to notice, if you aren't important, then perhaps if you, who knows?

DECLARING WHAT YOU NOTICE IS IMPORTANT (not in an ego, look-at-me-way but in a each-of-us- knit-life-together, we help life continue)...
LETTING WHAT YOU NOTICE FEED YOU (because if we are not fed by the sight and smell of the apple blossoms, if it only becomes about saving the apple blossoms, then we are right back where we started before we learned anything about self-care, we are somewhere we cannot sustain).

It is awesome, heady, glorious responsibility to notice the apple blossoms, to acknowledge our part in the grand mystery, to keep our own true notebooks.

What is in your true notebook? What will you record today?

Jennifer LoudenJennifer Louden is a best-selling author of The Woman's Comfort Book, The Comfort Queen's Guide to Life and three other titles. You can visit her popular website at ComfortQueen.com where over 600 articles about self-care, an interactive Inner Organizer, and a wonderful CQ store await you. Jennifer also works with a few clients at a time as a life coach.

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