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Mind Body and Soul

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Our Innate Intuitive Type
By Sherrie Dillard, www.sherriedillard.com

While driving to work one day, Lana suddenly felt an overwhelming feeling of joy. Even though she had no particular reason to feel elated, she soaked in the waves of cheerful energy. Later that day while at work, her manager called her into his office and showed her the month's earnings report. Not only had she had a good month overall, but she secured a valuable contract that she would receive a large bonus for.

Jared liked to tinker. He was always thinking of ways to improve the lives of others through his inventions. He often spent long hours in his work room, designing and putting together his latest idea. He was driven by the desire to help and so received immense pleasure when in a moment of spontaneous insight, he realized a practical use for recycled plastic grocery bags.

Katie woke from a vivid dream of her five month old daughter, Margo. In the dream, Margo was a beautiful woman in her twenties singing an enchanting song and playing a guitar on a large stage. Her voice was intoxicating and the crowd nodded their heads in unison with the melody. When she finished the crowd stood and cheered. Katie wrote down the dream . . . maybe she wondered . . . Margo has a special talent.

Bettie had lunch with her favorite two friends Jennifer and Eileen. Even though they now lived miles apart they still got together once a month. They had, as usual, a lovely time together. While driving home Bettie had a nagging uncomfortable sensation in her chest. Although she felt the ache in her body she somehow knew that this pain was not hers. She didn't know why but she had a sense that this ache was about Jennifer's health and not her own. She got home and tried to put these unusual fears to rest. But she couldn't, she called Jennifer and shared with her what she felt. Jennifer knew that Bettie was a down to earth and practical woman and she took her body impressions seriously. Later that week she heard the results of the mammogram she just had. There was a very small lump in her right breast. Luckily it was so small and caught so early that within a few months Jennifer was cancer free.

Many people find that they are inspired to develop their intuitive and psychic potential as a result of unexpected intuitive breakthroughs like these. As we go about our daily lives our innate intuition is continuously picking up and receiving energy information. These psychic moments often go unnoticed and unappreciated in part because our intuition surfaces through particular modalities that seem normal and natural to us. We tend to expect an ahha incident to let us know when we are connecting with information and guidance beyond our ordinary five senses. Yet, receiving intuitive/psychic impressions is more subtle and gentle than we usually realize.

Lana is an emotional intuitive; she naturally absorbs the emotions and feelings of others. Emotional intuitives often experience spontaneous and random waves of unexplained feelings like, sadness, joy, anger, fear, or happiness. These random emotional sensations seem to have little connection to what they may be currently engaged in.

Jared is a mental intuitive and he often has a sudden awareness of ideas and solutions to improving and solving complicated problems and issues. Mental intuitives might also have an instantaneous and cohesive understanding of inventions and new technologies, which may be accompanied with an inner drive to improve conditions and alleviate the suffering of others.

Katie is a spiritual intuitive and she often dreams of others and she has learned to pay attention to them as a source of helpful guidance. Spiritual intuitives can often feel the presence of angels, see flashes of light or color without any known origin. They may have an uncanny sense of another presence when they are physically alone.

Bettie is a physical intuitive she often experiences unexplained physical sensations such as aches and pains in any part of the body, buzzing feeling in the head or hands and pressure or feeling of expansion in the chest or heart. When physical intuitives hold the objects or a photograph of another they might receive feelings, images, or information about them.

Psychic information and guidance can be invaluable in helping us to negotiate the many twists and turns of our daily lives such as our financial and career choices and improving our relationships and our health. As we become more familiar with the way that we naturally absorb intuitive information we can more readily use it to our benefit.

About the Author:
Sherrie DillardSherrie Dillard is a pastoral counselor, clairvoyant-medium, author and teacher with an international client list. She has been featured on television and radio for her work as a psychic detective and medium. Sherrie is a popular speaker and retreat leader, both nationally and internationally, and teaches intuition development at Duke University. Sherrie is the author of the book, Discover Your Psychic Type, (Lleweyllen Worldwide, 2008), and a soon to be published book on Intuition and Relationships. She has produced several healing and visualization CD's. She has a M.Div degree in spiritual psychology. For more information visit www.sherriedillard.com.


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