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Nurturing Your Spirit

Exploring Womanhood > Mind, Body & Soul > Nurturing Your Spirit

Tap the Power of Your Mind: How to Write Your Own Positive Affirmations
by Susie Michelle Cortright

What if progressing toward your most monumental goals was as simple as acting like you'd already achieved them?

Experts say it can be that simple.

A single positive statement, repeated throughout the day, taps the power of your subconscious mind and energizes your spirit while propelling you toward your goals.


The subconscious remains, in large part, an enigma, but we do know that a connection exists between our self-talk and our achievements.

Research shows that a full 75 percent of our self-talk is negative.

Think about how your life would change if you could eliminate your negative self-talk and replace it with more positive, optimistic language.

Positive affirmations will help you do just that.

The theory is that, even if you don't believe the positive statements to be true at first, the act of continually repeating them convinces your subconscious that they are true. Your mind then spurs you to realize that goal.

Here's how to write your own affirmations:

Ask yourself: What about your life would you most like to change? Take a sheet of paper and, without stopping to think about it too hard, make a list of your most significant life challenges.

Narrow down these challenges. The more specific your affirmation, the more effective it will be. For example, "I owe a lot of money" becomes "I owe money to credit card companies."

For each specific challenge, brainstorm all of the possible solutions. Visualize the best possible outcome of your problem.

State this outcome in a clear, direct sentence. Focus on specifics. Write your affirmation in the present tense and in a positive way.

Example: "I will pay off my credit card debt" becomes "I am debt free."

If you find objections surfacing in the form of negative self-talk, restate the objection in the form of another positive affirmation.

Example: Affirmation: "I can pay off my credit card debt."
Objection: "I can't come up with that kind of money!"
New affirmation: "I find ways to earn all the money I need."

Print your affirmations and place them where you'll see them throughout the day. Repeat your affirmation aloud, with confidence, throughout your day.

* Say your affirmation just before bed, so your subconscious mind has something to chew on while you sleep.

* Repeat your affirmations in the morning, when your refreshed mind is most receptive to new thoughts and ideas.

* Record your affirmations into a tape recorder and listen to them in the car.

* Write your affirmations in your journal, in first-, second-, and third-person constructions. (For example, "I have all the money I need," "You, Yourname, have all the money you need," Your name has all the money she needs.")

When you replace your negative energy with positive energy, you open the floodgates for constructive thoughts and creativity.

Try it for yourself and witness the powerful and immediate results.

Copyright 2006 Susie Michelle Cortright

Susie Michelle CortrightThis article is excerpted from More Energy for Moms, an interactive mind-body-spirit fitness program, designed exclusively for moms. Its creator, Susie Michelle Cortright, is the author of several books for moms and founder of the award-winning website Momscape.com. Visit today to get her free course-by-email, "6 Days to Less Stress": http://www.momscape.com

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