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Nurturing Your Spirit

Exploring Womanhood > Mind, Body & Soul > Nurturing Your Spirit

One Minute Wake-Ups
by Susie Michelle Cortright

We all get frazzled. We all get overwhelmed and snappy. The key is to re-center before we share that feeling with the rest of the world.

Here are a few one-minute "wake-ups" that help me to re-focus on what's important. I'd love for you to add your own.

Sing a classic children's song, changing the words into an empowering message. (This comes from The Joyful Child by Peggy Jenkins, a resource packed with great ideas.) Try "I Am Joyful" to the tune of "Are You Sleeping" or "What I Focus on Expands" to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Teach your kids the new words.

If there's someone with whom you are angry, forgive him/her. You don't have to contact the person if you don't want to. Just forgive them in your heart.

What are you thankful for? List as many Gratitudes as you can in one minute. Don't think; just write.

Recite one-liners: uplifting quotes or favorite Bible verses.

Close your eyes and listen to your life in all its noisy glory.

Change your mental scenery. Close your eyes and imagine that you are somewhere else. Somewhere with sand.

Drink a towering glass of cold water. Visualize it as an energy elixir (because it is.)

Light a candle and enjoy a mini-meditation staring into its flame.


Smile for an entire minute (This falls into the category of "fake it till you make it.")

Really look at your family. Leo Buscaglia once took a poll of college students. "What color are your mother's eyes?" he wanted to know. Only 20 percent of them could answer the question. Take an entire minute to look-really look-at your spouse or one of your kids. Strive to be fully present with them, one minute at a time.

Read an uplifting children's book to your kids.

Read a devotional or meditation.

Be silent.

Turn on some classical music. Close your eyes to listen.

Jot a few things in your "Bliss Book," a personal journal that contains only positive thoughts, positive memories, positive ideas.

Ask yourself: How can I find more patience, calm and strength right now?

Write your own "wake-ups..."

Here's what Momscape Moms had to say...

From Ananda: ~ My most often used energy boost is the Tree Breath. Breathe deeply. Visualize yourself as a magnificent strong tree, with roots descending deep into the Earth. Each inhale is drawing life energy up from the Earth's Endless Energy reserve and filling you completely with vitality. Your branches enliven. You are connected to the Reservoir- whatever you use is automatically refilled! I love this exercise because it is portable, fast, and incredibly effective!

From Yelitza Gallimore: ~ When my 5 year old daughter notices that I am in less than a cheery mood, she quickly prances towards me waving her imaginary magic wand and whimsically declares, "Poof! You're happy!" Her little spell works wonders on me. She helps me re-center. When I am irritated beyond belief, it often helps me to study the darling face of the guilty offender. Those soft, full cheeks and dark round eyes speak volumes of love and forgiveness to me. But I think this only works on preschoolers where the cute quotient is still really high! :)

From Vinny's Mom: ~ My husband Jim should get credit for this one, however, I do it with our son Vincent... whenever I seem to be going '90 miles an hour' and I realize I have become mentally 'unavailable' to our son (or to my husband) I say..."Hey! Come here!...I have to ask you an important question!...when he comes to me, I get down to eye level (he's 4) and very seriously look him straight in the eyes with my hands holding his head so he can't look away and I say...Did I tell you I love you today?!!...to which he usually happily replies, "Yes!" (my husband usually sadly replies "No!" to this whether I have or not!) ...and then I say real loud --- "I LOVE YOU!!!" and give him a kiss and a big hug. It doesn't take long...and sometimes I do it even when I am totally focused on him...among the countless times each day that I tell him I love him and that he's my wonderful gift from God...each night when we go to sleep I say "Thank you God!...for sending me your best angel-boy from heaven!" (which started our discussions on -- who is God, Mommy?-- to which I reply: God is Love son!)

Susie Michelle CortrightSusie Cortright is the founder of momscape.com and Momscape's Scrapbooking Playground. Join her scrapbooking club or learn more about starting your own scrapbooking business on Susie's team.

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