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How To Put On Sunless Tanning Lotion
by Baxter Owens

Sunless tanning lotions are a great invention. They allow you to easily get a beautiful tan without exposing yourself to UV rays. However, when they aren't applied properly, sunless tanning lotions can look uneven and unnatural. Here are the steps that you need to take to appropriately apply sunless tanning lotion.

1. Do your prep work. Sure, you can just slap on the sunless tanning lotions and let them do their job but you aren't going to get nearly as good of a tan if you don't prepare your skin. This means that you should be moisturizing your skin on a regular basis in the days leading up to the sunless tanning lotion application. You should avoid shaving or waxing your legs in the hours before the application. And you should exfoliate so that you're applying sunless tanning lotion to the freshest skin possible.

2. Dress for the job. You should always wear the same outfit when applying sunless tanning lotions. This is because different outfits will leave different patches of skin exposed, giving you an uneven tan. Better yet, don't wear anything and tan all over.

3. Start from your toes, and work your way up. You want to take your time and make sure that you're applying the sunless tanning lotion to every area evenly. When you get to your back, use a brush or even a miniature paint roller so that you reach all areas. Hopefully you have a double-mirror so you can see yourself work. In a pinch, ask a friend or family member to make sure that it looks right.

4. Use the right amount. You don't want to use too little sunless tanning lotion because the effects won't be too good. You don't want to use too much because then you risk an uneven tan. Use just a little bit more lotion than you would use if you were applying your daily moisturizing lotion.

5. Look in the mirror. Once all of the sunless tanning lotion has been applied, you'll want to take a good hard look in your mirror. Make sure it's even. Make sure you didn't miss any spots. Make sure that you've washed the excess lotion off of your hands. Make sure that you don't have any on your hair. This is the time to be paying close attention to the work that you've just done.

6. Relax. You need to let sunless tanning lotions dry before you go do anything else. You don't want to get dressed too quickly or the lotion will transfer on to your clothes, making a mess and ruining your tan. Consider this period to be a time of indulgence. Get out a glass of wine, a favorite book or some good music and just sit there and do nothing while your lotion dries.

Following these sunless tanning lotion application tips, you should be able to get an even tan that no one will know didn't come from the sun rays.

About the Author:
Baxter Owens is the developer of http://www.TanTans.com, an ultra premium Sunless Tanning Lotion website & vendor. http://TanTans.com offers premium tanning lotion at discount, wholesale prices, including Synergy Tan Lotion.


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