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Exploring Womanhood > Mind, Body & Soul > Beauty Channel > Makeup Tips

Creating a Holiday Look - Gold or Silver with a Kiss of Red
by Charlotte Maddox

Is there a special occasion or a formal get-together in your near-future? Consider some silver or gold sparkle with a "kiss" of red.

For your event, cleanse and moisturize your face thoroughly. Wait a moment for the moisturizer to be absorbed and then remove any excess. *Tip* ... Coverage (foundation, etc.) goes on more evenly over well-hydrated than dry skin. If necessary, use concealer on dark circles and blemishes. *Trick* ... Squeeze concealer in the palm of your hand to warm it and then mix it with foundation for more consistent color. Apply foundation either on specific areas to even out skin tone or all over your face. (Blend any foundation carefully with the surrounding skin so there are no noticeable lines.) *Trick* ... "Set" the foundation with loose powder for longer lasting wear. *Trick* ... Getting fine lines? Try a face primer; it fills in fine lines and, followed with foundation, makes skin appear smoother.

For fun, decide whether to enhance your eyes or lips. You want to draw attention to one set of features but not both at the same time.

If you want the focus to be on your eyes, you can dramatize them with one, two or three colors. Opting for a single color? Choose a silver or gold, whichever blends with your skin tone and complements your outfit. *Tip* ... Silvers and grays are cool colors while golds are usually warm and less aging. *Trick* ... Use an eye color cream or an eye primer with eye color for longer wear (a real plus when you're out). You can mix both a cream or powder eye color with the eye primer. Apply your choice of silver or gold from eye lashes to brows.

Prefer more than one color? Select one as a mid-tone (over the eyelids). Add either silver or gold as an accent (lashes to creases of eyes). Highlight (under the brow bones) with whichever you haven't used as an accent. *Trick ... mix the mid-tone color with either silver or gold for an extra "pop." *Tip* ... Sparkle emphasizes fine lines so, if it's a concern, just add sparkly color under the brow bones.

Define your eyes with eye liner only if it makes them appear larger. If your eye shadow is predominantly golden, consider a gold or brown liner. If your eye shadow is mainly silver, try a gray or black liner. *Trick* ... Lining the lower lids seems to draw the eyes down. If signs of aging are a concern, concentrate on the upper lids.

Curl your eye lashes. *Tip* ... Curling the lashes gives the impression of more open (wider) eyes. Follow with a mascara that meets your needs for lengthening or widening lashes. *Tip* ... Brown tends to be softer and less aging while black is more dramatic.

Don't forget your eyebrows; they help frame your face. Darken your eyebrows with either a matching brow liner or, for a softer touch, a brow powder or powder eye shadow. *Tip* ... You can also brush your eye brows and set them with a clear gel.

Put on cheek color to emphasize your cheek bones. *Tip* ... Either pat the color on the high points of your cheek bones or start roughly two fingers away from your nose and sweep the color up to your temples.

If you want the focus to be on your lips, tone down the eye makeup and consider a red lip shade. There's a red for everyone. Let your skin tone determine which reds are most becoming: those with cool undertones (berries) or warm undertones (corals). Then choose muted or bright, matte or shimmer depending upon the look you want to achieve. Lip liner and lip gloss are optional.

For softer lips to complement dramatic eyes, try a subdued red. Then razzle dazzle! You've created a special holiday look.

© Copyright 2005. Charlotte Maddox. All rights reserved.
Charlotte is an experienced beauty consultant.


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