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Can't Afford Beauty Salon Visits for Bikini Waxing? Try These Money Saving Tips for Shaving at Home
by Bonnie Jo Davis

Due to the economy, women have been cutting back on their visits to salons and spas for bikini waxes, but they haven't cut back on grooming their bikini line. According to a proprietary survey by the cosmetics company, Hair Care Down There, 88% of respondents in 2009 are grooming their hair "down there". The most popular method? Shaving! Eighty-two percent of the respondents are shaving, while only 7% are getting their bikini area waxed professionally or through at-home products.

Interesting information:

5,830 survey respondents
* 74% are female
* 21% male
* 82% of total respondents "shave down there"
* 7% wax professionally or at home
* 69% of all respondents groom "down there" on a regular basis

Shaving remains the least expensive and most convenient way to groom pubic hair but some people are reluctant to start because they fear that they will suffer ingrown hairs, razor rash or nicks and cuts. Quite frankly, this is often the case. As with any beauty regimen, bikini shaving down there takes skill combined with great products for the best results. So, if you are one of the 31% of people who don't groom their pubic hair regularly then these tips are for you!

1. Start with baby steps. Trim your pubic hair with scissors to a quarter inch after bathing or showering. Dry off first. Do this as needed to get used to the idea of grooming down there and to get a feel for the regrowth rate of your hair.

2. When you're ready to shave, plan on starting by cleaning up your bikini line. This will help you get used to shaving. Make sure you take a bath or shower first, use a good razor with a fresh, clean blade and shaving gel made specifically for the pubic area. Apply the gel first, then shave in the direction of the hair growth around the pubic mound on all three sides to just clean up around the edges. This is what's called the "Basic Bikini Shave."

3. If you want another style, create it! To get a "Landing Strip," or a vertical small strip down the middle of your pubic hair, trim your hair short and follow the steps above to shave. Shave both the top and the sides so it resembles a vertical "strip" at any length and width you decide.

4. When, and if, you're ready to go bare down there to create "The Smoothie" make sure you follow the guidelines above for shaving. Additional tips for this style: exfoliate the area after you bathe or shower, but before you shave, trim hair as short as possible. Then shave in the direction of the hair growth from the outside going in, all around the "triangle" the first few times and only shave every other day. Once you've done that, and your skin is settled, then shave more and more until you get rid of all hair in the pubic area. After your skin and hair have adjusted, you can easily shave it all every day as long as you use gel and some kind of after-cream and/or spray.

Shaving is an inexpensive, easy solution to unruly, embarrassing pubic hair and painless, if you do it right. Always purchase products made for pubic hair and get into a routine that keeps you as bare as you want to be. Your grooming will leave you feeling sexy and looking great in that new lingerie you bought to surprise your significant other.

© 2009, All rights reserved. Reprints welcomed so long as article and byline are reprinted intact with all links made live.

Author Bonnie Jo Davis says: "If you are looking for products created exclusively for 'hair down there shaving' then go to the company who has been a leader in the field since 2003. The people who understand bikini shaving. For women and men." Visit Hair Care Down There at http://www.haircaredownthere.com


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