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Sunless Tanners Reviews
~ a StorkNet Message Board archive

From KiwiZ ~ I tried the following three and wanted to share with you!

1) Coppertone Endless Summer Tanning Foam in Light/Medium. Only took 5 minutes to dry and gave a pretty believeable color. It went on a little spotty, but I think another application would balance it right out. This was the easiest to apply and I will definitely use it again.

2) Banana Boat VitaSkin Instant Sunless Tanning Lotion in Dark. It was harder to apply, is tinted so you can see exactly where you put it to help even it out. The color was amazing and natural and this one is my favorite. It said it takes 5 minutes to dry, but I'd say give it a few more minutes to be sure.

3) Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Light Glow. This was horrible! It looked so fake. I'm not even giving this one a second chance!

From AZTanya ~ My favorite is Banana Boat Sunless Tanning Creme in Light/medium. It also has the tint so you can see where you're putting it, goes on evenly, and gives me believable results. I put it on before bed and wear loose clothes. I'm not sure what the drying time is if you put it on in the day, probably pretty quick.

From Susan ~ I've been wondering which one to try. How long (approximately) do they last?

From Bridget ~ For the most part, they last 3-5 or 6 days. The bottle will last me all summer.

Lancome Flash Bronzer spray is probably my favorite. It has a nice brown color and the spray is nice for controlling where it goes. I've used Estee Lauder's tinted bronzer and that's ok for legs, but I find the creme hard to work with. I have a bottle of Lancome's mousse self-tanner somewhere.... I like that pretty well too, but I keep going back to the spray.

Neutrogena makes an inexpensive spray self-tanner that I've used before. I think it comes in two shades. I'm pale and the medium shade was fine.

I just wish there was something that could be done about the smell!! Ugh! They've done an ok job masking the smell when it goes on, but as the tan develops you just stink!!

About two weeks ago, I tried Mystic Tan. OMG I won't do that again!! Well, if I go to the beach, I might, but I'll be prepared next time and cover my face! My face is a MESS - I'm all broken out with these tiny little bumps all over. Yuck!! I just don't think that stuff is meant for your face, well at least not my face. I tend to have sensitive skin and it will break out if I'm not careful with what I put on it. I may have to make an appointment to see my dermatologist to get this cleared up. The good thing about Mystic Tan is it doesn't smell.... well, not like the other self tanners and the color was not orangy at all. If you try it, just make sure you exfoliate the heck out of yourself before you go - and put lots of lotion on your feet and hands. That will help so that it doesn't absorb too dark into those places. My husband thought I looked a little too dark.

From CHR ~ The mystic tan freaked me out. I felt like I inhaled all that stuff. Yeah, you are probably supposed to hold your breath, but it startled me at first and I sucked it in. It did look great and it did not break out my face. My hands looked a little funny so use the lotion they give you to treat your hands. It was also pretty expensive.

I just tried Neutrogena Instant Bronze Sunless Tanner and Bronzer in One. I used the medium color and it didn't get me dark enough. (I've got an olive complextion and tend to tan really easily so it might be just me.) I bought the package deal which included the body scrub, facial bronzer and body foam. It was tinted and easy to apply. Took about 5 minutes to dry and has no smell. The bronzer tint that helps you see where to apply it will come off on in water so don't use it right before the beach. All in all, I'm happy with it and will finish it up instead of trying something else.

From Moppel ~ I used the Neutrogena tinted foam stuff last year, and I really liked that it fades like a regular real tan, so you don't look like you got leprosy like with other self tanners. That was a big fat plus. I also liked how fast it dries and that it doesn't smell so nasty. This year I tried Lancome flash bronzer mousse, and that has definitely the best scent, smells really good, plus it is very moisturizing for my dry skin. It's also tinted so you know where you already put it. I really like that one. I paid $20 for it, which is a little on the pricey side.

I also tried Clinique sunless tanning spray, and that one is great too. I love the color it gives my skin, but you have to be VERY fast, because the spray disappears into your skin in no time, and it's clear, so you can't see where you got it already. This is also very moisturizing, although you can't tell at first (it leaves a non-greasy feeling).

Both of these give a nice color and don't look streaky. I can recommend both of them.

From CHR ~ I just tried another application of the Neutrogena stuff and put it on a little heavier this time. I let it dry and then went about my business which included changing Ivey's diaper. About an hour later I looked in the mirror and notice that I had a huge 1 inch white strip that went from my wrist to my elbows on the underside of my arms. I had washed my hands after changing the diaper and held them up before I towel dried my hands. The water ran down my arm and took the stuff off. You should have seen it! Luckily, I had time to reapply lightly and there is no streak today! BEWARE! I definitely recommend this brand now if I can fix that streak! (I think I only washed the tinted bronzer off and not the actual tanner stuff.)

From Quoth ~ The best I've found is Fake It! by The Body Shop. It's got the least chemically smell of all the ones I've tried.

From Hoovernoover ~ I'd like to add to this! I used to use St Tropez mousse or lotion; I always had good results with that (until I had it professionally applied!). I was going to use it again until I read this thread and decided to go out and try something new. I'm glad I did.

I used Clinque Self-Sun lotion. After showering and using a body scrub, I applied it all over including my face. It smelled nice and went on really well with a tint so you could see where it was. It did take a little while to dry but I didn't find that a problem and it left me with a realistic tan. No streaks or orange bits on ankles, elbows or knees! I'm really impressed with it. I HAD to share. It comes in two different shades, deep and fair.


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