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Exploring Womanhood
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real life journals

Welcome to Exploring Womanhood's journals area! Interested in sharing your story with us? We're looking for a few good journalists. Click here for details.

Diary of a Fat Chick
After struggling with her weight nearly her entire life, Tracey made the decision to have lap band surgery in hopes of losing weight. Follow along as Tracey chronicles her weight loss journey to a healthier new life.

Never Letting Go ~ A story of losing parents while becoming one
Losing a parent is one of life's most difficult experiences. The death of both parents is more than twice the trauma. Our journalist shares her story of losing both parents while starting a family of her own.

Life on a Slippery String ~ Living with a chronic illness
Marie shares her ups and downs as she discovers her illness and the presence of associated symptoms. Follow her story as she learns to cope, heal and find new perspectives in life.

Susan's Living With Breast Cancer Journal
Three months after the birth of her daughter, Susan Lloyd felt a lump in her breast. She was weaning Abbie and thought it might be a clogged milk duct. However, when the lump didn't go away, she went to the doctor. Unfortunately, at age 29, with a 3-year old son and a 4-month old daughter, Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is her story of staring down this monster called breast cancer.

Pregnancy and Parenting Journals
If you love journals, you'll love StorkNet's set of week by week pregnancy journals and parenting journals written by real moms and dads just like you!

exploring womanhood

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