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Exploring Womanhood > Interviews

Domestic Violence Discussion
with Jennifer Landhuis

Jennifer Landhuis has been an advocate for abused women and children for the last ten years. As the public educator at her domestic violence program, Jennifer designed and implemented a comprehensive domestic violence and sexual assault program for students and faculty at both the high school and college levels. She implemented a screening program for hospitals and educated numerous medical personnel on how to recognize and respond to domestic violence. She also trained law enforcement and emergency dispatchers on responding to domestic violence calls. Jennifer has educated thousands of individuals on this important issue. In addition to being the educator, Jennifer was also an advocate for abused women and children. She provided crisis intervention, 24-hour advocacy, and referrals to countless women and children. Jennifer is a graduate of Midland College with a degree in Youth and Family Ministry and Human Services. Jennifer is married and has two small children.

Exploring Womanhood is very pleased to welcome Jennifer as our Domestic Violence expert. We invite you to send Jennifer your questions using the form below. All questions will be posted anonymously as "Exploring Womanhood visitor" on this interview page when we post your questions and Jennifer's replies. Your email will not be available to us, therefore we cannot reply to you. This makes all communication very safe. Please check often for her answers. Our hope is that through interviews and discussions such as these, we will help educate and empower women to take charge and take care of themselves and each other.

PLEASE call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE or the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE.

  1. Sister is married to abusive man. What can we do?
  2. Husband threatening to declare wife insane and get custody of children if wife leaves him
  3. If my husband rapes me and promises to not do it again, will he?
  4. Husband wants me to drop charges. Should I?
  5. My wife filed for divorce. Are there any success stories about an abuser changing?
  6. Husband with anger and control issues
  7. Pressured to drop charges and now Crime Victims want their compensation back.
  8. My daughter needs help but won't accept any or leave her boyfriend. What can I do?
  9. Sister has financially abusive husband
  10. Child has aggressive behavior
  11. My husband raped me 4 months ago. Is it too late to say something?
  12. Better for the children to stay or leave?
  13. How do I breaking the cycle of violence for my teenage sons?
  14. Possible to be in a non-violent relationship if you are a battered woman?
  15. Women's rights after filing a police report
  16. CPS Safe Plan - Can sister lose her children if she goes back to abuser?
  17. Reporting Abuse Years Later
  18. Mother-in-Law Possible Threat to Life
  19. Should I Leave?

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