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Exploring Womanhood > Heart of the Home > Craft Projects > Holiday Related Projects

Halloween Candle Projects

CandlesOur Heart of the Home forum moderators have been busy creating some simple projects for your Halloween fun!

Click on the photo for a larger view.

Gel Candy Corn Candles
Tissue Paper Candle Holders
Pumpkin Candle Holder

A FAIRLY EASY PROJECT . . . Gel Candy Corn Candles

     ~ Gel candle wax
     ~ Pan, spoon & stove (for melting wax; thermometer optional)
     ~ Small, clear glass candle holders
     ~ Wicking
     ~ Pencils or pens
     ~ Candy corn!


  1. Following the directions on the gel candle wax you buy, melt the wax slowly in a pan over low heat on the stove. This should take about 5-10 minutes. (I got a big tub of wax, and used about half of it. I just guessed at the amount I'd need to fill my three candle holders, and I came out with just a little extra. It's not too difficult to figure out how much you need by eyeing it. You can also add more wax after you've melted some, if you are worried you won't have enough.)

  2. Hang some wicking in the candle holders by wrapping the wick around a pencil or pen and balancing it across the holder. Make sure the wicking goes straight down the center of the holder. (I used wicking with a lead-free metal center, which made it easy to twist around the pens. I cut a piece of wicking long enough to just touch the bottom of the candle holder.)

  3. Once the wax has melted, slowly and carefully pour it into your candle holders, filling them about 3/4 full. (I wore a hot mitt while I poured, just in case!)

  4. Let the wax begin to set for about a minute. Then carefully put candy corn into the wax. You can put in as much candy corn in as you like - just enough to cover the bottom, or filling it up to the top. (The wax will still be fairly fluid, but you may need to use a straw or something to poke in your last few candy pieces.)

  5. If you have any leftover wax, you can pour it over the top of the candles, if there's room.

  6. Let the candles cool. Then untwist the wicking from the pencils or pens and cut them, leaving them about 1/2 inch long.

  7. Light them and enjoy them!

Candy Corn

AN EASY PROJECT . . . Tissue Paper Candle Holders

     ~ cylindrical candle holders
     ~ light-colored candles (votives or whatever will fit nicely in the holders)
     ~ scissors, ruler & pencil
     ~ different colors of tissue paper (I used orange, yellow & light green.)
     ~ plain white scratch paper
     ~ exacto knife
     ~ cutting board or other surface to use for exacto knife cutting
     ~ double-sided tape


  1. You may want to spray vegetable cooking spray into the candleholders before you begin. This will make the candles easier to remove after burning.

  2. Measure candle holders and cut strips of tissue paper to fit around them, overlapping about 1/2 inch. (Cut two different colored strips for each candle holder. One piece will show through the holes you cut in the other piece.)

  3. On your scratch paper, draw a jack-o-lantern style face that will fit on the candle holder. You will use this as a pattern for cutting.

  4. Put your pattern on the cutting surface, and a piece of tissue paper over the pattern. Using the exacto knife, gently trace the pattern, carefully cutting out the jack-o-lantern face.

  5. Wrap two pieces of tissue paper around the candle holder, using double-sided tape on the seam to hold it in place. (I did one piece at a time, taping the tissue to the holder and then to the tissue itself. I put the cut-out piece on top, but you may want to experiment with putting it underneath the other color.)

  6. Pop in the candles and light them!

Candy Corn

A SUPER-EASY PROJECT . . . Pumpkin Candle Holder

     ~ mini-pumpkin
     ~ knife and small spoon
     ~ taper or fairly tall votive candle (the candle should be taller
          than the mini-pumpkin)


  1. Cut out the stem of the pumpkin, making a hole the size of the taper or votive candle.

  2. Scoop out the pumpkin seeds and guts. (I had a pretty small hole, since I was cutting it to fit a taper candle, so I used one of my daughter's baby spoons.)

  3. Wipe off the outside of the pumpkin.

  4. Insert the candle and light it!

Candy Corn

Here are some suggestions from members who tried this project:

From Juliet ~ Wow, they look great!! I am going to do the candy corn one. I wonder if you can put little spiders or eyeballs in too?

From Caryl ~ Yes, you could use little plastic spiders, eyeballs, etc. Get yourself a tub of gel candle wax and just experiment. It is much easier than I thought it would be, and there's so much you can do! Don't forget to buy wicking (I found this right next to the wax) and you can also buy dyes and scents if you like.

Anonymous suggestion ~ You could also add conversation hearts or red hot hearts for St. Valentine's Day.

From ACheryl ~ I made the pumpkin candle holders. I like them. I thought it looked a little plain so I put some bendable gold twine with gold stars coming off of it around the base of the candle. I was thinking just some green ribbon or something, but I had the gold twine on hand. (I don't even like calling it twine, just not sure what it's called.)

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