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Exploring Womanhood > Heart of the Home > Craft Projects > Knitting & Crocheting Projects

Crochet Hot Pad

Hot Pads

This is a quick and easy project perfect for those wishing to learn how to crochet because there are no color or row changes, increases or decreases. Using changing color yarn creates the patterns, and varying the size of the hotpad changes the pattern. The instructions assume a certain level of crochet ability. If you are a true beginner, a good site to look at for the basics is: http://www.learntoknit.com/instructions_cr.php3. With that link alone you should learn enough to do this project. I chose to do the sample in Christmas colors and to use them as part of a Christmas gift.


  • Approximately 1.5 oz "Sugar & Cream" or other 100% cotton worsted weight yarn (comes in 2 oz skeins). Note: it is important to use 100% cotton. If synthetics are used, the hot pad will melt.
  • Size G crochet hook (smaller if you crochet loosely)
  • Yarn needle


  1. Chain 35 stitches (more stitches make a larger hot pad, less a smaller one. Also use more or less in the initial chain if you don't like the pattern that is being made as you work).

  2. Single crochet in one side of the chain stitches (34 total single crochet)

  3. Continue to single crochet around the other side through the second side of the chain stitch (do not turn the project as you normally do with crochet). As you continue around and around you will make a canoe shape.

  4. When the height is approximately half the width, fold the two sides down so that you create a square as shown in the pictures

  5. Make sure the hot pad lies evenly and does not twist. You may need to add one more row or remove a row. Be sure your stitches end in the middle of one side of the "canoe" so when folded they end at one corner.

  6. With your yarn needle whipstitch the back loops of the last row together to close the hot pad. Enclose the starting "tail" of yarn inside the hot pad.

  7. After closing the entire diagonal thread a loop or yarn to the outside of the hot pad just to the side of the corner. Chain 10 - 12 stitches to create a loop. Secure on the other side of the corner, tie off and weave the loose ends through.

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