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Exploring Womanhood > Heart of the Home > Craft Projects > Decorating & Home Décor Projects

Wire and Glass Holders

Wire Hanging Bud Vases

Spotlight these simple to make bud vases by hanging in a window or on a mirror. Fill with flower clippings from your garden in spring and summer or silk flowers to cheer up a winter day.


  • Small glass containers such as test tubes, lightweight votive holders, clear Christmas bulbs
  • Copper or silver colored wire thick enough to support the weight of your filled clear container
  • Beads with holes large enough for the wire
  • Round and/or needle nose pliers
  • Wire clippers
  • Tiny suction cup hooks or other kind of hanger


  • Leaving enough wire for a tail, start wrapping wire around the test tube or other clear container. You will need a tight circle at the bottom and then widen the curling of wire as you move up the container. The first full turn around the glass is challenging, but once it is completed this step is easy.

  • Bend the wire perpendicular to the last curve and leave approximately 2 inches bare. Shape the rest of the top portion into the desired shape. Curves, swirls and other wavy shapes are the easiest to do. Use the pliers to assist the shaping and be creative!

  • Finish the top with a larger shape. You can use the tail of the initial wire or finish the wire off with a small loop and add another piece on. Be sure to to leave a large enough opening at the top to slip over a hanger. The close up is a butterfly that was shaped and then attached to the top of one of the vases.

  • At the bottom of the container either continue making shapes or close off in a loop and add more wire for a dangly loop. String and place your beads before you bend the wire or you may not be able to slide the bead along. Glass beads may break if you force them too hard over a bent piece of wire.

  • Finish off with a similar motif to the top

  • Fill tubes with water and flowers and hang on a window or mirror with a suction cup hook or hang on a wall with a small nail. If you are using a wider container you may need a hook that sticks out from the wall so the container doesn't bump against it.

Wire Shaped Votive Candleholder

Set with crystal beads and copper wire, this votive candleholder is sure to draw attention.


  • Simple glass votive candle holder or baby food jar
  • Copper wire thick enough to support the weight of your container. (You can buy this for a few cents per foot at hardware super stores. 3 feet should give you plenty for once candleholder.)
  • Thinner copper wire for embellishment.
  • Crystal or glass beads with holes large enough for the wire
  • Round and/or needle nose pliers
  • Sturdy wire clippers
  • Votive candle or materials to make a gel candle


  • Curl one end of the wire several turns for the base of one leg.

  • Decide how tall you want to make your holder and bend the wire perpendicular to the leg.

  • Hold the wire against the side of the votive holder and bend around the glass 360 degrees.

  • Clip the wire where it meets the leg. You should now have a ring with a leg jutting off one side.

  • Repeat these steps two more times for a total of three legs. Be sure to decrease the length of each leg slightly as they will stack.

  • Slip the legs over the glass and hold in place so they are spaced evenly. Remove the glass.

  • Wrap the thinner wire around the three wires one section at a time. This will hold them together and add a decorative touch. It is helpful to hold the wires together flat with the pliers while wrapping with the other hand. Don't fully tighten the 4th loop in each section. You may find it necessary to trim the ends of some wires to make it lie flat and evenly.

  • String a bead with a horizontal hole in a small piece of wire. Slip the wire through the middle loop of wire in of the previous step on each section. Bend each end into an "S" shape. It is important to thread the bead first and carefully put in place at the bottom of the S. Many beads will break if forced over a bend in wire. (The way you secure will vary with the style of bead and the way the hole is drilled in the bead. You may need to add a loop of wire to secure if your bead is drilled vertically.)

  • Place the glass in the wire holder, slip in a candle and enjoy!

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