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How to Make Seat Cushions For Patio Furniture
By Joanne Jones

You have the patio furniture, the plants, the BBQ - but something seems to be missing. Perhaps a splash of colour and comfort is just what you need! And it's easy to add by making your own seat cushions for the patio furniture. Here's how - the quick and easy way!

For this example, we will be making seat cushions that are 18" x 18". Go to your local fabric store to buy the following supplies: 1" thick foam and polyester material that has been treated for outdoor use to be mold and mildew resistant.

Once you have your supplies, cut the foam to the desired size - 18" x 18". Next, cut 2 pieces of material so that they are two inches larger than the seat cushion - for this example, you would need to cut each piece 20" x 20". The material can be the same for both sides, or choose different patterns. If you choose different patterns, then you can simple flip the cushion over and voila! You have a totally different look. One side could be strips and the other side could be a floral pattern.

Next, place the two pieces of material together, wrong side facing out. Sew three of the sides together and then turn the cover inside out. Slip the foam into the cover. Before sewing the last side shut, you will need to create some tie strings, in case you want or need to tie the cushion to the patio furniture.

Here's how to create the tie strings for the back end. Choose material that is either the same as the cushion or choose a complimentary, solid colour. Then cut 4 pieces from the material that measure 1" wide and 12" long. Work on one piece at a time - fold it in half (so now it will only be 1/2" wide) and sew the edges together.

You are now ready to sew the tie strings on and sew the back of the cushion shut. Place the tie strings in place - 2 at each end. Finally, sew the edges together. If you prefer, you can sew a zipper or Velcro at the back of the cushion to keep it shut, instead of sewing the material. This way, you can always slip the cover off the foam inside and put the cover in the wash or change covers.

Now you are ready to put your new seat cushions on your patio furniture. Sit back, relax and enjoy outdoor living at its best!

Author Information:
For more FREE sewing projects, please visit Beautiful Creations at http://www.beautifulcreations.ca/ProjectIdeas/FreeSewingProjects.htm - where you can find projects for pillow covers, shower curtains, pot holders, coffee cup holders and more!

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