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A Valentine's Day That Is so Much More
by Arleen Kaptur

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and thoughts of "red" and "frilly" come to mind. The more embellishments on a card - well, will probably cost more but we are so sure that it will make the recipient more aware of our feelings and intentions.

This year, why not make Valentine's Day one that will be kept in the heart more than in a box of memories on a high shelf in the closet. Of course, we don't expect our family and friends to carry our Valentine's Day card in their purse or pocket all year long, so how can it be that it will be cherished and remembered constantly? It's very simple to make an "impression" on the heart at this time of year. Your wife, husband, or significant other enjoys a certain type of music but never really has the time to listen because of work, commitments, and obligations. This Valentine's how about slipping a tape of their very favorite music in the car player and begin the tape with a message of celebration in who they are and how much they have added to your life.

Your children will get cards in school and eat heart-shaped cupcakes and little heart candies. Slip into your child's room the night before and place a favorite picture of an event they really enjoyed and slip it into a box of small notes - encouragement notes that are age appropriate. Promise a day at the library together, a walk through the park - just the two of you - and even renting a movie that the two of you could laugh at and thoroughly get silly with. Little notes that can be reclaimed when little lives get too hectic or daily fears trample on tiny feelings and emotions.

Grandparents or parents in a retirement home or hospital? Candy may be a dietary no no, but how about a plush toy to hold when pain or age cuts into enjoying life? Why not a "blessing rock" - just a simple stone from a park or stream that they really enjoyed at some point in life and now there is a part of it to "just hold" and remember, or gently press with aged fingers to help pass an especially trying day.

There is your boss or secretary or co-workers you would like to remember. Instead of the usual "To My Boss" card or likewise to your secretary or fellow workers, how about an old-fashioned report card - complete with gold stars and "all A's". Even a Certificate of Achievement for being someone you admire, enjoy working with, or makes your day more pleasant. This little token will most likely not only make their day and make them laugh, but will most definitely be put in a place where they can open a drawer and smile when they see it, place it on their bulletin board, or in their briefcase. It's rewarding to know that another person finds working with you a "good" part of their day and that you do make a difference.

A neighbor or friend that you really want to let them know you care - a cup with hot chocolate mix, or a bowl with all the ingredients needed for a warm, nourishing break in the still days of winter. Another idea would be to include a picture of a picnic or BBQ that you both were at and a recipe for your favorite salad or dressing that they said they really enjoyed.

All of the above examples are just a starting point to use your gift of imagination and creativity and make this Valentine's Day heart-made, and with a ribbon of thoughtfulness wrapped around it. Ideas such as these will make this special love-day long lasting and one to be thought of throughout the coming year.

Also, don't forget to send a silent blessing along with any gift for hopes, dreams, and wishes to come true and be realized - you don't have to tell them that you are doing this - they will feel it in their heart, in their day, and in the sunrise of every tomorrow. ENJOY!

©Arleen Kaptur

About the Author:
Arleen M. Kaptur has written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines. She may be contacted at http://arleenswriting.blogspot.com/

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