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Exploring Womanhood > Heart of the Home > Holidays & Seasons > Christmas

Christmas Countdown!

We have several Christmas articles to help you plan ahead for the merriest Christmas ever!

Planning Ahead:
  • Time-Saving Tips for the Holidays
    When was the last time you had a really relaxing holiday? A holiday that is relaxing, from beginning to end that includes travel, dinner preparations, and shopping? All it will take is a little organization and advance planning. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • 6 Ways to Avoid Holiday Stress
    The holidays don't have to stress you way out of whack! Here are six simple but realistic tips to help you have a warm, happy and calm holiday season.

  • No Stress Holidays
    The holidays are coming soon. Plan ahead now, and you'll have plenty of time to spend with your family doing the things you want to do. Author Theresa Frasch shows you how.

  • Are Your Kids Anxious for Christmas to Come?
    Create a plan to do one special thing every day for the 24 days before Christmas. Author Sarah Delaporte shows you how.

  • Christmas Countdown Calendar
    Create a Christdown Countdown Calendar and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

  • A Safe And Happy Christmas
    At this time of year when there are often more people than usual in the house and we are more likely to be distracted, it is more important than ever to take the extra care to ensure a safe and happy Christmas.

  • Christmas in July
    Frustration as well as a longing to enjoy the Christmas holiday again is what prompted author Stacy Jones Tolentino to begin thinking about Christmas in July.

Home Decorating/Crafts:

  • Caroler's Collage Card ~ perfect for your homemade Christmas cards!

  • Country Christmas Decorating
    Colleen Moulding has several simple yet beautiful tips to make your home country Christmas special.

  • Holiday Plate Craft
    This pretty plate decorated with holiday fabric can be used as a holiday decoration to hang or put out somewhere. You can even use it as a plate for goodies or for eating.

  • Christmas Wreaths for Doors or Tables
    Create beautiful yet simple Christmas wreaths designed by Colleen Moulding.

  • Lacy Christmas Ornaments
    Our Heart of the Home moderator, Michelle Grassia, has created some Lacy Christmas Ornaments that are adorable and easy to make.

  • Crafting Basics: Dried Apples and Oranges
    Dried apples and oranges are easy country accents that you can add to wreaths, swags, baskets, or any craft using dried natural items. On their own you can use them to make ornaments, garland and much more.

  • Christmas Ornament Exchange 2003 and Christmas Ornament Exchange 2002
    Several members of our message board forum participated in an ornament exchange in both 2003 and 2002. We are so excited to share here the result of everyone's work. Thank you to all of you who participated. You'll find directions and photos of each ornament submitted so you can make them for your own tree.

  • Easy Angel & Snowman Ornaments
    There are plenty of holiday and seasonal ornaments you can make with few supplies and a little creativity. Here are some to get you started, but be forewarned! Once you begin, you may not be able to stop!

  • 5 Scrapbooking Secrets for the Holiday Season ~ Inexpensive tips to add memorable value to your holiday pages

  • Organize Your Seasonal Home Decorating
    Organizing your seasonal home decorating will help you decorate for the seasons with less stress, and less hassle.


  • Easy Does It Christmas Food
    Monica Resinger shares her Christmas Eve buffet tips for a no-stress holiday feast.

  • Lebkuchen - A Holiday Tradition
    For centuries, honey cakes and lebkuchen have been symbolic of the Christmas season in Europe. The scent of spices fills the house when goodies are baking. Mary Emma Allen shares a variation you can make at home!

  • Five Low Fat Holiday Party Appetizers
    Holiday foods are about different kinds of flavors that satisfy your taste buds. Renee Kennedy tells about some tasty food picks that are all healthy, low fat, all easy to make.

Gifts & Gift Wrap:

  • 25 Festive Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas
    Here are twenty five festive holiday gift wrap ideas guaranteed to make your gifts look just as special as your holiday season.

  • Bath Gifts
    Our September 2002 project of the month, these are elegant and easy gifts to make for the bath.

  • Homemade Holiday Baskets - Give a Touch of You!
    Many people on your holiday gift list will be more pleased with a gift that shows ingenuity and a true understanding of Who they are and what they like than. A custom tailored homemade holiday basket came be created inexpensively and specifically for the recipient. Author Stephania Munson-Bishop shows you how.

  • A Tasty Holiday Tradition
    Amanda Formaro shares recipes for delectable cookies, peanut brittle, fudge and brownies that you can place in cookie tins and wrap up for delicious gifts.

  • 63 Gift Ideas for Under $10
    You don't have to spend a lot of money to find that perfect gift for someone, just be sure to put some thought into it and hopefully your gift will be well received. Michelle Jones shares 63 ideas!

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