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Exploring Womanhood > Heart of the Home > Holidays & Seasons > Christmas

Are Your Kids Anxious for Christmas to Come?
by Sarah Delaporte

For a child, Christmas is the most exciting holiday of all. They look forward to the Christmas tree, lights, presents, stockings, make-believe Santa Claus, wishlists, snowmen and many more aspects. It is easy for adults to forget how excited children become when the arrival of Christmas draws near. Of course the children only seem to think about the presents, but it is actually more than that. What child doesn't enjoy visiting a store just to watch a toy train go around and around the fake Christmas tree? What about the snow and the snowmen they build? Or the lights that blink or sing songs? Maybe it is the cookies grandma makes? Or Aunt Lily's beef roast? Or the warm pajamas they are in when they run down to check what it is their stockings? Or is it the enchanting story about the newborn long ago who was actually the Son of God?

Whatever the case may be, Christmas is the most exciting holiday for most youngsters. It is a combination of magic (lights, snowmen, snowflakes, etc), family, good food, presents and stories. Everyone remembers how important the holiday was to them once, but somehow we have forgotten how wonderful it really is. Rather than worrying about what present we are going to buy Aunt Martha, we should be enjoying the holiday. Why not take Johnny and go sledding today?

This is why it is crucial that we get all of our holiday shopping done early. I usually start my shopping in September, and I like to have most presents bought by the first of December. This way, I can relax during the wonderful holiday. Why not create memories instead of sharing your stress? If you enjoy the holiday, your child will enjoy it ten times more.

Create a plan which will accomplish two tasks. The first "task" your plan will accomplish is to help your child wait for Christmas. The second and most important goal is that it will help you remember why the holiday is so special. Remember that fun time with your child doesn't have to cost money. Create a plan to do one special thing every day for the 24 days before Christmas (starting December 25th). Your plan may look like the following:

  1. Make homemade Christmas cards with your child and mail them to grandparents. Maybe include a photo of your child.

  2. Make a Christmas wish list with your child and mail it to the relatives.

  3. Build a snowman with your child or have a snow fight.

  4. Make homemade Christmas ornaments.

  5. Set up the Nativity and read the story of Jesus. Let your child "act out the story" with the figurines.

  6. Make Christmas cookies or fudge with your child.

  7. Go to the store and let your child pick out a gift to give to the needy.

  8. Create a relaxing atmosphere. Turn off all of the lights except the Christmas tree lights. Then use candles and/or a fire in the fireplace to create a warm environment. Make some apple cider or hot cocoa. Then spend the evening reading stories to your child.

  9. Wrap presents with your child and put them under the tree.

  10. Go out to eat. Let your child choose where you plan to eat.

  11. Put together a puzzle with your child.

  12. Teach your child a new card game.

  13. Go to a movie theater and buy a big tub of buttered popcorn. (It's ok. Indulge yourself). Can't afford the movie theatre? Make up a pretend movie theatre at home! Make popcorn, rent a movie and use fake money and fake paper movie tickets.

  14. Visit a grandparents house.

  15. Make your child's favorite meal.

  16. Make paper snowflakes together and hang them in the window.

  17. Have each member of the family make notes for all of the other family members. Inside the notes, write a letter to that family member which includes what you appreciate about that family member. Then seal the envelope and decorate it with stickers. Young family members can draw pictures for each member of the family.

  18. Dust off the Christmas Carol CD and play it.

  19. Remember to plan a night out with your husband to get to know each other better. Leave the children with a FUN babysitter. Allow the children to order out pizza or go see a movie.

  20. Make sure all of your presents are bought and wrapped. Let your child participate in putting together all of the last minute preparations.

  21. Decorate your yard for the arrival of relatives.

  22. Let your child help you bake the food.

  23. Declare the day a NO VIDEO GAMES ALLOWED day. Prepare fun activities for the two of you to do all day.

  24. Visit relatives or prepare a fun time together at home.

Whatever activities you plan, they will help both you and your child focus on the fun times you can enjoy in preparation for the holiday season.

Sarah Delaporte is the owner of Freebie Coupon Corner. She loves helping consumers save money on their groceries with her helpful e-book publications. For more information about Freebie Coupon Corner, you can visit the website at: http://www.couponcorner.net.

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