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The Great Knot Debate
by Kim Green-Spangler

No-Sew fleece projects have caught on like wild fire. Where else can you select just the right colors, the correct weight, and snugly softness and create the perfect gift - without possessing a talent for sewing. I confess - I hate sewing - but I love the no-sew projects. There are kits galore, but I've found I prefer to make my own from scratch. The selection of just the right pattern for the right person, the challenge of finding enough room in my very small home to lay out the project to cut it (my queen-size bed works great - much to my husband's dismay!), the tying of the knots (okay, I admit it can be tedious, but after just a short while the anticipation almost always wins out and it seems to fly by), and finally the big pay off! Wow! What more could a non-sewer ask for?

I've heard of a number of complaints about knots not holding together after washing the no-sew fleece projects, but I have never personally experienced it, nor have I had any complaints from anyone I've made a project for, no matter what size it's been. I've used two basic knots. The first is the traditional double knot because it is actually tied twice, and the second I call the quick knot because it's faster, but you have to make sure it's tied close enough to the body of the project for a nice result. The type of knot I use depends on the project. The double knot produces a knot that stands out, while the quick knot produces a neater, flat knot. Below are photos for each type.

Types of Knots

The Traditional Double Knot

Step 1
The Traditional Double Knot - Step One

Step 2
The Traditional Double Knot - Step Two

Double 3
The Traditional Double Knot - Step Three

Step Four
The Traditional Double Knot - Step Four

The Quick Knot

Step One
The Quick Knot - Step One

Step 2
The Quick Knot - Step Two

Step 3
The Quick Knot - Step Three

Step 4
The Quick Knot - Step Four

Step 5
The Quick Knot - Step Five

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