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How The Pros Choose a Mower
Professional lawn care manager offers tips for choosing your next machine

Toro Tips #1

It's a beautiful summer evening, and you're sitting in a lawn chair admiring your beautifully manicured, lush, green lawn. Is this scene fact or fiction? According to the National Gardening Association nearly half of all Americans participate in some type of lawn care activity.

Most of us are looking for that great expanse of green, but many of us aren't sure about the best way to get it. We turned to the pros for some advice, and while there are a number of factors that go into creating a great looking lawn, the experts say step one is to choose the correct mower for the job.

Professional lawn care manager Kris Birch, whose family owned business has been taking care of residential properties for more than 30 years, says his mowers are one key to his success. "Selecting and investing in a reliable and easy to use mower is one of the most important business decisions we make," says Birch. "Because if the mower isn't running, we're losing money."

To keep up with their customer's lawn care needs, Birch and his 25-person team run their mowers about 500 hours each year. They rely on Toro mowers to help them create great looking lawns for their customers.

When it comes time for homeowners to purchase a new mower, Birch offers these tips:

Quality. "You get what you pay for," says Birch. While his team uses their equipment more often and for longer periods of time than an average homeowner would, Birch says purchasing a high quality mower makes sense for the homeowner too. "The initial price is only part of what you are going to pay over the life of the mower," adds Birch. "If you buy a poor quality mower, chances are you are going to pay more for parts and service over the life of the mower." Look for brand name mowers that deliver consistent performance, are easy to maintain and are backed by solid manufacturer warranties such as Toro's Guaranteed-To-Start promise. Toro GTS engines are guaranteed to start on the first or second pull for up to five years - or Toro will fix it for free.

Ease-to-use. You shouldn't have to dread mowing your lawn. Mowers that are hard to start, hard to push or uncomfortable to use make mowing time consuming and difficult. Features such as adjustable handles and an easy-to-use self-propel system are key. For example, Toro's patented Personal Pace self-propel system automatically adjusts to your walking speed, providing the freedom to mow at your own pace.

While self-propelled walk power mowers are a good tool for most urban lawns, larger lawns will generally require a riding mower. "If your lawn is a half acre in size or larger, you should consider a zero turning radius mower," said Birch. "A zero turning radius mower can cut your mowing time in half. For professional mowers, time is money. For homeowners time is something you can never have enough of. With my Toro Z mowers, I get the job done quickly." That same time cutting technology is available on Toro consumer Zs.

Parts and Service. When it comes time for repairs, to tune up your mower or sharpen the mower blade, an authorized dealer is a great resource to help you get the professional service you need. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, a dealer can provide genuine replacement parts. Online stores, such as ShopToro.com, are another convenient resource for having parts delivered right to your door.

By taking the time to select the best mower for your lawn care needs, you can make the experience easier and even reduce the time you spend mowing the lawn. For more information on choosing the best mower or to find a local dealer, visit www.Toro.com.


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