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Exploring Womanhood > Heart of the Home > Gardening > Articles, Columns & Features

Articles & Features
    • birds & butterflies
    • container gardening
    • flowers, bulbs & seedlings
    • fruits, vegetables & herbs
    • general gardening & landscaping
    • houseplants
    • outdoor decorating

birds & butterflies
    • Adding a Birdbath to Your Lawn or Garden
    • Set a Feast for your Feathered Friends
    • The Backyard Birds Wish List: Know What Feeders Your
       Feathered Friends Really Want

    • Butterfly Gardening
    • Bring Butterflies to Your Garden: Easy Tips for Making it Happen
    • Flowers and Butterflies, the Perfect Combination!

container gardening
    • Compostable Garden Planters
    • Gardeners: Contain Yourself!
    • Summer Container Garden Ideas
    • Growing Fruits and Vegetables in Containers

flowers, bulbs & seedlings
    • Choosing the Right Roses for your Garden
    • 10 Tips for Successful Rose Planting
    • Tips for Growing Beautiful Roses
    • Plant Now for Colorful Spring Blooms
    • Growing Gorgeous Amaryllis Indoors
    • Seeding Flowers Indoors: An Inexpensive Way to a Beautiful
       Summer Garden

    • Prepare for Seed Starting
    • Bring a Touch of Spring into your Home by Forcing Bulbs
    • Growing and Caring for Rhododendrons & Azaleas
    • How to Grow Hydrangeas
    • Fertilizing to Create More Blossoms on Your Flowers, Flowering
       Shrubs, and Trees

    • Flowers and Butterflies, the Perfect Combination!
    • Mix Perennials into Your Garden for Staying Power
    • Blue Wild Flowers for Your Garden

fruits, vegetables & herbs
    • Planning Next Summer's Vegetable Garden
    • Growing Fruits and Vegetables in Containers
    • How to Start an Herbal Garden
    • How to Grow Strawberries
    • How to Grow Luscious Tomatoes
    • When to Plant Vegetables
    • Tips for Growing Fruit Trees

general gardening & landscaping
    • Gardening on a Budget: 10 Low Cost Gardening Tips
    • Top Ten Tips for Conserving Water at Home
    • Take Care of Mosquitoes Before They Bite
    • How The Pros Choose a Mower
    • Secrets to a Great Cut for Your Lawn
    • Hot Weather Lawncare Tips From the Experts
    • Fall Lawn Care Tips
    • Is Your Mower Ready For Season?
    • Organic Weed Control Guide
    • Keeping a Journal for Garden Planning
    • Pruning For Beginners
    • Tree Pruning Tips
    • How to Make Your Own Rooting Hormone
    • Gardening on a Budget
    • Landscaping Made Easy
    • March for a Better Lawn
    • Growing and Caring for Rhododendrons & Azaleas
    • Got Bugs? Get Rid Of Garden Pests Naturally
    • There's Powder on My Flower: Dealing with Powdery Mildew
    • Fertilizing to Create more Blossoms on Your Flowers, Flowering
       Shrubs, and Trees

    • Great Holiday Gifts for the Green Thumb on Your List
    • Putting Your Snowthrower Away for the Season
    • Get that Snowthrower Ready For Winter

    • Create an Indoor Theme Garden
    • When To Water House Plants - The Right Answer
    • Five Tips for Healthier Houseplants
    • How to Grow Christmas and Thanksgiving Cactuses

outdoor decorating
    • Make a Pretty Chair Planter
    • Ship Ahoy! The Nautical Touch in Your Outdoor Living Space
    • My Little Room - Decorating a Small Outdoor Space
    • Giving Your Garden a Touch of Home
    • Decorating Outdoor Decks and Patios With Themes

exploring womanhood
what's blooming:
 • birds & butterflies

 • container gardening

 • flowers & bulbs

 • fruits, vegetables
    & herbs

 • general gardening
    & landscaping

 • houseplants

 • outdoor decorating

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