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• Budgeting
• Career & the Workplace
• Financial Planning
• Home Loan Financing
• Identity Theft
• Insurance
• Taxes

Budgeting & Paying Off Debt
    • Seven Tips to Help With Your Home Budget by S. L. Simmons
    • Repaying Christmas Bills by Gary Foreman

Career & the Workplace
    • 21st Century Job Strategies: 10 Tips for Making Work Better by Mary Lloyd
    • Ditch the Negative Drama by Winn Claybaugh
    • QUICK FIXES: When Your Energy Is Rock Bottom by Laura Stack
    • Six Steps to Gaining a Promotion by Ruth Haag
    • Six Steps to Becoming a Good Supervisor by Ruth Haag
    • Being Friends with Co-Workers and Employees by Ruth Haag
    • Bulldoze Those Workday Speed Bumps by Laura Stack
    • Change Your Attitude! by Laura Stack
    • Fixing Business Mistakes by Ruth Haag
    • Getting Along in the Office: Adapting to Change by Ruth Haag
    • Getting Along in the Office: The Interviewing Game by Ruth Haag
    • Going "Green" in Your Office by Ruth Haag
    • How to Lead Anyone to do Almost Anything by Ruth Haag
    • Improving the Work Environment by Ruth Haag
    • It's OK to Say "No" by Laura Stack
    • Keep Up with Daily Responsibilities by Laura Stack
    • Keeping Your Self-Respect in the Office: Waiting by Ruth Haag
    • Pacing Your Energy by Laura Stack
    • TIME MASTERY: You Want it When? by Laura Stack
    • When is it OK to be Rude? by Ruth Haag

Financial Planning
    • Twenty-First Century American Banking by Al Jacobs
    • Ten Tips on Where to Put Your Money NOW by Peter Passell
    • Five Reasons to be Skeptical About Your Finances by Al Jacobs
    • Family Financial Strategies: Credit Card Use by Al Jacobs
    • Survival in Tough Times: Smart Shopping by Al Jacobs
    • Panic Time: Problems that Spell Real Financial Trouble by Al Jacobs
    • Seven Best Decisions You Can Make About Money by Al Jacobs
    • 7 Ways to Tell If You Are on the Trail to Success by A. B. Jacobs
    • The 5 Critical Years by Cheryl Riggs
    • Five Money Issues Couples Must Never Fight Over by A. B. Jacobs
    • Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA: Pros and Cons by A. B. Jacobs
    • The Importance of Financial Awareness in Your Children by Al Jacobs

Home Loan Financing
by Kristin Abouelata, Mortgage Specialist
    • Mortgage Lending: No Title Insurance? No Moola
    • College Graduation: Should You Go to Europe or Buy House?
    • The Reverse Mortgage
    • Your Mortgage: Your Biggest Debt, Your Biggest Tax Deduction
    • VA Loans - Thank You for Your Service
    • Avoiding Foreclosure - Is It Time to Sell and Downsize?
    • My Community for Our Community - Low to Moderate Income Lending
    • Mortgage Loan Approval Sometimes Needs a Human Touch
    • 100% Home Loan Financing - Flex Your Muscle
    • Telling the Truth about Mortgage Lending
    • How Does a Fed Cut Affect Home Mortgage Rates?
    • Your Home Appraisal - What's the Big Deal?
    • How to Sit Pretty in a Real Estate Buyer's Market
    • Thinking of Buying a Home? Here's a "To Don't" List
    • Why You Might Want to Refinance Now!
    • Giving Thanks to the FHA for It's Adjustable Rate Mortgage Solution!
    • Determining Your Income for a Home Loan
    • What are all these fees and why is a mortgage so expensive?
    • DNA Sample: Is It a Requirement of the Mortgage Documentation

    • Home Buying and Down Payments - Show Me the Money!
    • Buying Your First Home, It's Easier Than You Think! - (Part III)
    • So, you found an article taped to your iPOD - (Part II)
    • Tell Your Kids that Buying a Home Is Easier than They Think! (Part 1)

Identity Theft
    • Abuses of Facebook Places and FourSquare
    • Discover - and Recover from Identity Theft in 2010
    • Identity Theft is Running Rampant
    • 6 Steps to Avoid a Laptop Identity Crisis
    • Scrooge's Top 5 Holiday ID Theft Protection Tips
    • Latest Trend: Stealing Your Business' Identity to Falsify Accounts

    • Changing Jobs - What About COBRA Health Insurance Benefits?
    • 6 Ways to Cut Homeowner Insurance Expenses

    • Coming Soon!


exploring womanhood
 • budgeting

 • career & the workplace

 • financial planning

 • home loan financing

 • identity theft

 • insurance

 • taxes

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