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Book Reviews

Exploring Womanhood > Book Reviews > Inner Peace

Inner Peace

Mothers and Daughters
A Poetry Celebration
by June Cotner

The mother-daughter bond is an experience that colors every aspect of a woman's life, from birth to old age, and enhances who she is to become and how she views the rest of the world. Mothers and daughters have a complex and sometimes difficult relationship with each other yet share this unique and precious bond that cannot compare to any other relationship within their lives - the kind of bond that is most touchingly revealed in poetic form. Mothers and Daughters, compiled by June Cotner, is the inspiring collection of more than one hundred poems by women from around the country, which celebrates the special tie mothers have with their daughters. The poems explore these relationships with anecdotes and memories and reveal many lessons learned along the journey.

In a remarkably honest, heartfelt way, the contemporary voices of women at various stages in their lives bring to light all the joy, pain, fear, and love within this bond. The poets represented within this compilation relate to the readers like close friends, as they reflect on their most intimate thoughts and feelings. Many of them are award-winning poets, but the collection also includes some lesser-known writers with amazing insight and poignancy.

This anthology describes all the wondrous life-changing experiences in a woman's life - healing the pain of a broken heart, moving out, walking down the aisle, giving birth to a daughter, encouraging the wobbly first steps, coping with illness, or saying good-bye. June Cotner's poetry selections, all beautifully crafted and accessible, alternate between conjuring up emotions of joy and elation to times of sadness and tears to virtual laugh-out-loud honesty and wit. From this reflective collection, readers will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the unique bond women share - a special keepsake meant to be revisited and shared time after time.

A Mother's Day Grace
It's an impossible job
No one can ever do it perfectly
Be willing to accept that there is no success or failure here
Let us give up the burden of unreal expectations
Let us cherish what is and nourish each other's dreams
Let us remember the best and forgive the rest
Allow all the love that may have
slipped into tight places free now
to illuminate the harmony
that always existed
at the very center
of our hearts

- Arlene Gay Levine

June and her daughter KirstenJune Cotner, a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, is the author of many poetry and prayer collections, including Family Celebrations, Bedside Prayers, and the vastly successful Graces, which is now in its twenty-fourth printing with over 175,000 copies sold. She lives in Poulsbo, Washington, with her husband, daughter, two wayward dogs, and a couple of stray cats. Visit June's website!

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