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Book Reviews

Exploring Womanhood > Book Reviews > Fiction


The Bride Wore Chocolate
by Shirley Jump

What's better than chocolate? Candace Woodrow knew the answer to that question cold - nothing! Nothing is better than chocolate, was her mantra. That is, until she woke up in a compromising position in Michael Vogel's bed a mere three weeks before her wedding-to someone else! What does one nervous bride, a series of wedding preparation mishaps, a chance meeting and an insatiable craving for chocolate all create? A recipe for disaster in a well organized ordinary existence. But in Shirley Jump's The Bride Wore Chocolate, it's just a delightful concoction of humor with equal parts of romance and heat.

In The Bride Wore Chocolate, the first single title book by Shirley Jump, Ms. Jump over delivers a romantic comedy guaranteed to produce bountiful chuckles, while simultaneously melting your Godiva with all of the sizzle. Did I mention that Ms. Jump's book is chock full of tasty, tempting, mouth-watering recipes liberally sprinkled throughout the book, and delivered with a presentation -- that only Shirley Jump could create -- to help you commiserate with Candace through yummy chocolaty-solidarity?

Will Candace give in to delicious temptation? Will Ms. Organized stick with her original plan? Hmm, just when you think you've got Candace and her compadres all figured out, Ms. Jump throws in another ingredient and shakes it up a little. If you're looking for a recipe for a truly satisfying romance with a liberal dash of humor, a delightful blend of zany characters, with the added bonus of mouth-watering, you-can't-live-without chocolaty temptations, then you should run, not walk, to the nearest bookstore. 'Cause The Bride Wore Chocolate by Shirley Jump is just what the doctor ordered! Don't forget that wet paper towel or you'll get chocolate smudges all over the pages, and yes, the pages will smear if you lick them! Bon Appetit!

A little Nibble

Just when you thought it was safe to pass the kitchen.Do you looove Italian? Well, just have a little patience. Ms. Jump's The Devil Served Tortellini is her next single title book due to be released in March 2005. But you can have a sneak peek at the wonderful culinary and romantic delights that will leave your mouth watering for more. Remember, patience is a virtue, and with Shirley Jump's track record, you know she'll be delivering.

Book reviewed by Kim Green-Spangler

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