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Book Reviews

Exploring Womanhood > Book Reviews > Inner Peace

Inner Peace

The Blueprint for my Girls
How to Build a Life Full of Courage, Determination, & Self-love
by Yasmin Shiraz

As a mother of a daughter, now 23 years old, I must share that there were countless times I wished that at my fingertips was a book written just for her, with tools that would unlock the mysteries of growing up. Young girls of all ages struggle at some time with insecurities, peer pressure, self-image and so much more. And we, as mothers, aunts, or grandmothers do our best to cushion, advise and support, but an outside voice is sometimes the one that speaks the loudest and is respectfully heard.

Yasmin Shiraz, motivational speaker and journalist, knows how young girls and women feel. Drawing on her own experiences, along with conversations with countless young girls and women across the country, she has put together a gift of understanding, support and motivation. In The Blueprint for my Girls, Shiraz shares from her own teenage diaries and shares her most painful, shameful, sobering, and also triumphant experiences to serve as a roadmap and moral compass through the terrifying and thrilling transition into womanhood. "Learn from my mistakes," Shiraz urges her young readers.

In an authentic and empathetic voice, The Blueprint for My Girls offers ninety-nine expressions of self-validation. For each, Shiraz presents a heartfelt testimony, followed by a principle for living and questions for serious contemplation. Throughout, girls as young as twelve and as old as twenty-two will find inspiration in the words of wisdom about self-respect, personal integrity, courage, achievement and perseverance. They'll also take comfort in candid discussions of sensitive issues, including weight and body image, romantic betrayal and date rape, and coping with divorce and death. Shiraz divides the journey for every searching, striving, struggling adolescent into three phases:

  1. Your FOUNDATION is where you build who you are going to become in life.
  2. Your COMPOSITION is where you arrange your life options, decisions, challenges, and experiences to assist in preparing yourself for womanhood.
  3. Your FORTIFICATION strengthens your life and reinforces decisions and experiences that empower, motivate, and encourage you to become a strong, proud woman.

Insightful, uplifting, and empowering, Shiraz's expressions to guide young women include:

  • Be a person of hope.
  • Be able to say you're sorry.
  • Don't waste time judging others.
  • Understand the gift of being female.
  • Don't waste time on self-indulgence.
  • Embrace new friendships.
  • Don't allow fear to paralyze you.
  • Stand united with your family.
  • Deal with the truth.

Throughout and above all, Shiraz encourages every young woman to keep a positive outlook, remain determined, and expect to make mistakes. Although she speaks directly to teens, her book also has a lot to say to parents grappling for a way to connect with their daughters about everything from peer pressure to the importance of believing in herself. For any young woman who feels isolated, misunderstood, helpless, or hopelessly confused, The Blueprint for my Girls is a welcome voice of reassurance and a steadfast friend in need.

To Purchase:
   Amazon (U.S): The Blueprint for my Girls
   Amazon.ca (Canada): The Blueprint for my Girls
   Amazon.UK: The Blueprint for my Girls


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