Best Teas for Weight Loss

Best Teas for Weight Loss

Tea is one of the most common beverages that people enjoy all over the world. It is quite hard to resist the aromatic beverage that it is. However, you will witness that there are different types of teas that one can choose. It all depends on their preferences as well as needs. But, did you know that we have teas that could play a central role in your journey to weight loss? A look into some of those that will be essential in losing weight will help you in making credible decisions down the road. Let us explore together!

 1. Green Tea

Besides being quite popular, green tea often comes with multiple health benefits. It is one of the most effective ones to use if you are after weight and fat loss. By regularly drinking this tea, you are likely to lose up to about 7 pounds in 12 weeks. Besides, it often ensures that fats in the body, the weight circumference, and general bodyweight remain manageable.

You will witness that it has catechins, a substance that comes with antioxidant properties. This way, they will be vital in improving metabolism as well as increase the burning of fat. While at it, you will witness that it comes with enhanced caffeine levels that are vital in stimulating fat burning. This way, it will also be easier for you to perform better in various activities.

2. Black Tea

Whereas many people often take black tea, only a few are conversant with the health benefits that it tends to draw. It would be best if you kept in mind that this tea usually undergoes enhanced oxidation as compared to others. This way, you will realize that its characteristic black or dark color is a product of exposure to air, a process that we now refer to as oxidation. Besides, black tea comes in various forms, including earl tea as well as English breakfast.

By drinking black tea regularly, you will enjoy not only a reduced waist circumference but also a significant decrease in weight. While at it, you will witness that many people tend to associate this weight loss with the flavones that the tea comes with. With a high level of flavone, you are likely to witness a much lower body mass index. Nothing could offer you more satisfaction than this in the long run.

3. White Tea

One of the distinctive aspects of white tea is that it requires minimal processing. You will also witness that it is harvested when still young. It has a distinct flavor and tastes quite delicate and somewhat sweet, and subtly so. Often, you will benefit from improved oral health as well as the killing of cancerous cells by taking this tea.

Studies indicate that taking white tea is essential in keeping body weight as well as body fat in check. Such often comes about as a result of the catechins that it comes with. For as long as there is a direct effect on body fat, you will undoubtedly end up losing a significant amount of weight, which will keep you much healthier in the long run. It will ensure that you get not only a smaller weight but also a slimmer and well-trimmed body.

4. Oolong Tea

Ever heard of the traditional Chinese tea? Oolong is one of the teas that is partially oxidized, making it quite comparable to green tea as well as black tea. You will witness that it is both fruity and with a rich aroma. It is through this that you will enjoy its unique flavor. However, the taste will, from time to time, be dependent on the extent of oxidation.

It is imperative to point out that oolong tea plays a vital role in making sure that your body burns fat, adequately and within no time. Studies show that a period of around six weeks will often be sufficient to highlight a significant change. This period is enough to make sure that your body has lesser fats as well as with a lower body mass index. It ensures that enhanced metabolism takes place within the body. Nothing could be more contributory to a healthier body in the long run than this.

One other distinctive feature is that oolong is critical in increasing the expenditure of energy. With this beverage, you will witness a change of about 2.9%. This change is equivalent to around 280 calories every day. Consistency in taking this drink only implies that you will enjoy better metabolism and appropriate body weight over a long time.

5.  Herbal Tea

That many people trust herbal tea is no secret. It usually involves the infusion of spices, herbs, as well as fruits in hot water. Before going any further, you should note that they do not provide caffeine. This comes about because they are not products of Camellia Sinensis leaves. Instead, they use common herbs such as ginger, rooibos, rosehip, as well as hibiscus. The teas are usually named after the herb that was used to make it.

Usually, herbs will come with varying effects. Despite the significant variance, you will witness that they will all play a central role in making sure that they keep your weight and even body fat in check. In the same line, they ensure that no more fat cells are made. Besides, you will learn that they are reliable whenever you want to keep your hormones in balance. It will be prudent for you to understand which herb works best for you. This way, it will be a lot easier for you to make credible decisions at the end of the day.

6. Puerh Tea

While Puerh tea could be barely known among many people, its effectiveness can hardly go ignored. It originated from the Chinese and is usually fermented. It is advisable that you take it after meals. It comes with a rich as well as earthy aroma which tends to be stronger as time goes by.

You will witness that Puerh tea is essential in keeping blood sugar as well as triglycerides in check. Nothing could give you a healthier body than one whose blood sugar is under control. Additionally, it has the potential to boost the loss of weight. One is likely to lose about 2.2 pounds after taking this tea for around one month. While at it, it comes with an anti-obesity property that is essential in cushioning you from gaining additional weight. Through this, one will be assured of getting to the fitness levels that they so desire within months, and without too much hassle.


Besides being a refreshment beverage, tea has proven to be quite beneficial to one’s health. Its significant role and impact in keeping weight in check are worth lauding. Understanding what tea works well for your body will often be critical in making sure that you make credible decisions on what to take. This way, you will be assured of better metabolism, weight, as well as waist circumference. While the list is not exhaustive, it is clear that adopting any of the teas will come in handy for you. Besides, you will be free to combine various beverages, as per your preferences. Take some time to identify which one tastes better for you yet offers you enhanced value in the long run.

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why craigslist personals shut down

If you know anything about the different sites that are available to you online today, you may already know that virtually every online company has its own specialized products and services that they offer. In fact, if you want a particular item or service for you, your family or a friend, all you have to do is search the net to find what you need. Many of these companies will not only give you the best places to go but also consumer reviews that will give you a heads up on finding the right fit and preference for you. Therefore, as you do your research into sites that have been around for a long time, you can find exactly what you need to know in a very short time and effort. Even when you are posting a new ad or looking for information about an ad, you can use sites like Craiglist.

Having said this, there has been quite a bit of discussion, as of late, on what you can gain access to on Craigslist. Since there are have been some significant changes that relate to what ads can be published and what ads cannot be posted on this site, you may be interested in knowing how this impacts visitors that frequently use these services on a regular basis. In fact, based on the latest and hottest topics that affect this site, here’s what you need to know about Craigslist ads, particular as it relates to Craigslist personal ads that have been completely shut down. So, the question is, why craigslist personals shut down?

The answer to the question can be traced back to many years ago when all of the controversies started. Based on this controversial topic and the laws that’s involved, here are some of the main reasons and related information about why this site no longer offers these services.

What Types of Ads Does Craigs Allow to Be Posted in their Personal Section

First of all, if you may want to understand the full scope of what is actually happening. Therefore, you need to know a little bit more background about Craiglist and the different sections that they have available for publishing an ad. You need to know this information to understand the basic differences between the sections that visitors have access to today and those that are no longer available. With that being said, here are some of the most common sections that you can post or review an ad.

  • Car/trucks by owner CA
  • Furniture by-dealer in the US,
  • Job postings in selected areas
  • Apartment rentals in NYC area
  • All by-dealer categories in the US
  • Car/trucks by owner US

And any other classified ads that people want to publish

Legal Changes Shuts Down Craigslist Personals

While Craigslist and other sites that provide these services can still offer the sections listed above, this is no longer true for the personals section of Craiglist. This is because the laws have changed to prevent sex crimes that come from and helps to facilitate these types of activities. For instance, Congress passed these laws in the United States to cut down on the sex tracking of kids.

The name of this act is called Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act Bill. With the provisions and legal obligations in this bill, Craigslist and other sites are being made accountable for their role in helping to aid in these types of crimes. The site cannot longer lean on third party claims of not being liable but are now legally responsible for any activities that a third party, individual or agency, publishes in their ads.

The previous Language Allowed on Craigslist in their Personal Section

Previously, craigslist personals section allowed a wide range of relationships and sexual activiites to be solicited by anyone who wanted to run their ad. For instance, if an individual or an agency was looking to pair people up with different ages, genders, and so forth, they could place an ad that will give a chance to

  • find another person that they wanted to date
  • Search for someone that wanted to be married
  • Look for someone who just wants casual sex and no future relationships
  • Search for someone who was looking for a one night stand
  • Search for someone who was looking for love
  • Search for someone who had the same interest

In each of these ads, the individual could seek out someone in another city, country, race, gender and etc. While many people begin to use the personals on Craigslist, it also opened up a door for kids to be sexually exploited to. This is one of the primary reasons why the legislation that was passed is meant to address and prevent sex crimes.

But don’t worry, according to social fish, there are still some alternatives for it like Doublelist, Tinder, Happn, Zoosk and many others. some of them are free but some are not, you can also use Backpage or it’s alternatives instead, this is 100% free to use.

Craigslist Shutdown Personals Section in March 2018

This shutdown is meant to prevent to address a wide range of different sex activities that’s currently going on today. For instance, with this law, it prevents crimes that occur from these ads including individuals having sexual encounters with strangers. For instance, if you are the owner of any online company, you need to make sure that your site complies with these laws so that you are not liable for the actions of what you do and what you allow on your site. This is because online business are expected to conduct their business in good faith.

To adhere to the letter of these laws, businesses are responsible for protecting their visitors and their users from being exposed to any objectionable content such as lewd vulgar pictures, obscene images, violent excessively generated and posted content that will not only offend but violate the laws that have just been established.

As stated in the previous information listed above, Craiglist has shut down its personals section on its site. Other sections of Craigslist are still available for use and review so all sections are not impacted. The primary reason for shutting down these services is because of the changes in the laws,Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act that addresses preventing sex crimes and sex trafficking that involve kids.

Saving Tips for College Students

Saving Tips for College Students

A lot of us have been there; you’re a college student, left alone to your own devices and not a clue in the world about what should do. It sucks, it’s intimidating and worst of all you feel like you’re on your own. The good news is that others that came before you know exactly what you’re going through and decided to give you a piece of advice where saving money is concerned. These days living expenses and tuition costs keep rising, creating a complex maze of financial decisions that students find themselves having a hard time navigating through.

Feels like I hit home? Well don’t worry, here are some of the tips that you will find very helpful:

Make your budget

Before you can even begin to start on saving, you need to note down your income and expenditure. Some students rely on their parents for income, some part-time or full-time jobs. Knowing how much you spend on food, transport, rent, medical expenses, entertainment, and other utilities will help you come up with how much you spend. Once you’re done, start figuring out what is essential for your survival and what is just extra and cut back on them.

Use student ID

I can’t stress hard enough about how much having a student ID is important. With a student ID, you can enjoy a lot of campus amenities free of charge like, gym, library, medical insurance, to name a few. Your status as a student won’t help you inside campus alone. There are other facilities, brands (Apple discounts for students) and enterprises you can use to your advantage out there, such as vendors, restaurants, banking services. Case in point, your student ID can get you a lot of discounts is used wisely.

Cook your own food

Let’s get one thing straight here, ordering take outs, pizzas, a trip to Starbucks isn’t going to help you save money. It’s a bad habit that will cost you in more ways than financial only. Instead, try and cook your own food, keep the leftovers in your mini-fridge (if you have one), so you can eat later. On the other hand, if you have a meal plan, then use it instead of skipping some meals that will force you to order takeout later.

Use the local library/buy used books

If you can’t access the school’s library, then you can take advantage of the local library for free. This goes for textbooks; you can spend less on used books than buying brand new (you can go as far as to borrow books from your friends). Some colleges offer rental programs, ask for them. Avoid the campus bookstore if possible as the prices are bound to be higher.

Another alternative is online websites like Chegg or Barnes & Noble’s that offer rental textbooks for a fee. Amazon also sells used books if you are still out of options.

Choose cheaper housing

As a new student, you’ll find living in campus dorms is less expensive than living off campus. Take advantage of this as some schools have a limited number of dorms. If you absolutely have to live off campus, then you can find a roommate and split the rent.

Use local public transport

Parking tickets, speeding tickets, fuel costs, repair costs, insurance costs, overall maintenance, all these don’t seem like something you want to get yourself into. The public transit, on the other hand, is cheaper and if you have friends, then you can always borrow one of their cars.

Limit spending

All the budgeting will be for naught if you don’t work on your spending. If you have a credit card (which is quite easy to get as a student), set a spending limit that is within your level.

If you absolutely have to start, then spending wisely. Use coupons, buy things in bulk, especially clothes. If it’s a laptop you want, you’re better off getting a refurbished laptop than buying a brand new one from the shop.

Start clearing your student loans early

One of the biggest obstacles to a student’s future is debt. As a student, you are entitled to student loans to help you pay for your school, tuition, and other costs associated with campus life. In the end, most students end up with a large sum of student debt that they have to pay. Funnel, however little extra cash you have into paying your loans early. If possible, use additional earnings or some of the savings you make from working the extra jobs. Every penny counts in the long run, and you won’t regret the results.


To some students, campus life means nothing without its parties, concerts, shows. Most of these are entirely free, and you can keep yourself entertained and still save. A lot of these if not all events are posted on the school website, community pages, flyers, or through word of mouth

Other students prefer spending their time entertaining themselves indoors. So instead of getting cable, there are other cheaper ways to get entertained with your favorite TV shows and movies such as Netflix and Hulu. Subscriptions like Netflix even have a one-month free subscription before charging you a few bucks a month.

Work hard on your studies

All the entertainment, jobs, and other activities can take away a lot of focus from your academics. The result is failing to complete the usual four-year degree course but instead, spend more years due to repeating semesters. Every year you spend in school due to flunking is another year you have to spend as a student. So, stay focused in classes, use the school’s full resources that are at your disposal such as tutoring, academic advising. You can even join or form a study group that can help you stay on track in your studies.


Making the right financial decisions can be a lifesaver for a student who is looking to spend less and save more. Having the right tips can make a difference between having a future filled with debts or living comfortably and even earning a little extra on the side. Earn more, spend wisely, save the rest, that should be your mantra from now own and everything will work out for the better.

Home Safety

Do Home Security Systems Really Work?

Do security systems aid in preventing thefts and burglaries in homes? Are they useful or is it a marketing hype of the manufacturers that makes influences many homeowners to install them?

Well, the truth is that the significance of home security systems should never be underrated at all costs. They are critical in keeping thieves and burglars away from home. Many researchers conducted by security agencies have revealed that homes that have working security systems are less likely to be targeted by burglars.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the homes that have working home security systems are less likely to be attacked by thieves. For a proper understanding of the usefulness of home security systems, it is imperative to look at the components involved. They include:

•    Cameras

•    Motion sensors

•    Alarms

•    Security stickers

  • Cameras

Among all the elements of home security systems, cameras are arguably the most significant in preventing the entry of unwanted persons to your home. The humorous bit about is cameras is that thieves do not mind checking whether they are functional or not. Just the presence of a security camera is enough in ensuring that burglars are deterred from entry. Thieves and burglars are afraid to be seen and therefore even in an empty home they can effectively scare away intruders.

The present time technological advancements have ensured an improvement in the effectiveness of cameras. While in the past it was almost impossible to get real-time footages, this is not the case anymore. With modern technology, you can set up the cameras to capture movements in your home even while you are absent. The camera is set up to send a notification to your email that you can use to reach out to the police.

Modern technology ensures swift reactions before thieves steal your possessions. This is proof that home security systems are highly effective in preventing crimes even when the homeowners are away at work.

There are some factors that you need to consider while purchasing a camera to ensure that your security is not compromised. They include:

  • Quality.

 Primarily, this should be your primary consideration while buying a security camera.

A key impediment in the effectiveness of tracking down criminals is the inability of many security cameras to capture clear, high-quality footages. A blurry image is as good as having none as it can barely direct you to get the criminals’ identities.

Many criminal investigations have failed to yield fruits in situations where video quality is poor. Mainly, this is caused by poor camera resolution quality.

  • Night Vision.

As security measures keep improving, thieves and burglars are creating new ways to conduct their activities unnoticed. One means is stealing in the night when security cameras can barely detect them. To avoid falling into this trap, you need a camera that has a working night vision feature.

  • Motion detection.

Getting the actual scene in the case of a crime can be a hectic while you have to review the entire footage that has been recorded in the whole day. The solution is to have a camera that is capable of detecting motion and responding to the specific scene. This helps to save time used in reviewing the footage.

  • Location of the camera.

A camera may have all the features mentioned above, but if it is poorly positioned, it won’t fulfill its purpose. Therefore, you need to choose a location where you can capture everything. Remember most thefts happen within a short period. Situating a camera at a position that will capture the entry of the burglars can be an effective way of ensuring that nothing passes by unnoticed. This is however not the only specific position that you need to position your camera. It all depends on the setup of your home.

Burglar Alarms

Alarms are also commonly used to keep off intruders from your home or house. There are different kind of alarms with each having a different mode of action. Passive Infrared motion detectors are an example of alarms that use a beam of rays to detect motion. The laser is invisible especially during the day. Once set, it alerts you if someone blocks the radiation. Another common form of a burglar alarm is the magnetic switch detectors. These are placed on the door or gate. They give a signal if someone breaks the door when the alarm is on.

For people who require an improved level of security, an ultrasonic alarm is the best. This system covers a relatively larger area than the other kinds of burglar alarms. With the use of ultrasonic rays, it can detect motion within the compound of the floor of the building and raise the alarm. All the above kind of alarms are effective in keeping thieves at bay. Many alarms also have software that sends an alert to the homeowner as well as the security provider. This improves the response time of the police thus aiding improving the security.

Security Stickers

Have you ever wondered why some homes have stickers indicating the presence of surveillance cameras or dogs? The reason is to scare away thieves. Many burglars tend to settle on homes that have weak or no security systems. To prevent your home from becoming an easy target, consider setting up security stickers. They are useful in scaring away intruders as they are warned of the presence of systems that can assist them in getting nabbed.

The effectiveness of home security systems primarily rests on the homeowner’s decision on the kind to use. Investing in cheap systems predisposes the homeowner to a high probability of thieves breaking in. It is therefore imperative that one researches on the most appropriate kind to employ depending on the security situation of the area that you live.

All the above-discussed forms of home security systems are crucial to keep off unwanted people away from your home. The best way to ensure that you have an extra layer of security is to use them all together. This means that what may be missed by the security camera will be detected by the motion detectors or the alarms. Therefore, you need to be comprehensive in beefing your security to ensure that the system doesn’t fail. Remember its success depends on what you employ.