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Exploring Womanhood
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Welcome to Exploring Womanhood!
We're women; we're smart and savvy, striving to live up to our potential. We're curious about the world we live in, and we want to make a difference. We cherish the gift of womanhood and most particularly, the ability to look within, push the boundaries of what we know, and enlarge our hearts and minds with the world. Come with us, as we explore our fabulous womanhood . . .


Container Pond for Your Patio
Create a beautiful but easy pond in a container in less than an hour for your patio.

Celebrate Summer With a Barbecue
Everyone likes a barbecue - the tasty fare has universal appeal and is appropriate for almost every gathering. Use these simple recipes from to have a fun cookout!

Aging Excellently: Can You Surf the "Silver Tsunami" or Will You Drown?
We're the CAN DO generation; we deserve excellence! Let's AGE EXCELLENTLY, pick up our surfboards, and surf the Silver Tsunami, grabbing our futures, and protecting our physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual health. Learn how from Dr. Cheryl Woodson.

Three Ways to Think Like Einstein and Attract New Love
Has finding lasting love made you feel insane? Here are three easy ways to stop the insanity and find renewed faith in lasting love.

Twenty-First Century American Banking
Over the past decade or so, banking officials made a fascinating discovery. They found their customers to be an untapped source of bounty, with depositors willing to accept minuscule interest on their savings while tolerating the payment of fees and assessments limited only by the imagination of the bank hierarchy. Learn the pitfalls and how you can save yourself some money.

The Secret Power of Letting Go When You Want to Hold on Tighter
When friends and family members are going through a rough time, often our immediate reaction is to try to resolve the situation for them and ease their pain. However, by easing our grip on relationships and circumstances that feel out of control, we paradoxically gain the control we were missing. Learn more from Evelyn Roberts Brooks.

exploring womanhood

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