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Exploring Womanhood
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Welcome to Exploring Womanhood!
We're women; we're smart and savvy, striving to live up to our potential. We're curious about the world we live in, and we want to make a difference. We cherish the gift of womanhood and most particularly, the ability to look within, push the boundaries of what we know, and enlarge our hearts and minds with the world. Come with us, as we explore our fabulous womanhood . . .


Hearty Soups for Cool Autumn Days
Looking for some easy soup recipes for quick autumn meals? These soups are easy to prepare and big hits even with young kids!

How to Make the Most Out of Low-impact Exercise
The benefit of low-impact exercise lies in the fact that you don't need to engage in overly stressful activities to experience the benefits of regular exercise. In fact, there are plenty of low-impact activities that can provide a sufficient workout and help you meet your long term weight loss goals. Here are some tips to help you develop a low-impact exercise regimen as part of your weight loss program.

Hair Color Secrets: Which Color Is Right For You?
Almost every woman has used, or considered using hair color at some time. But how many times a day do you see walking hair coloring disasters? This article explains how to avoid being the next hair color victim.

Using Your Fabric Scraps
Everyone has fabric scraps, and there are many, many ways to use fabric. Here are some ideas to recycle it, and turn those fabric scraps into fabric assets!

7 Ways Exercise Leads to Happiness
The way to not only heal emotional pain, but to achieve true happiness is through physical exercise. Medication can be effective, but exercise has been proven to be at least, if not more effective for folks who are depressed without the side effects of sexual dysfunction, difficulty sleeping and suicidal thinking. Learn more from Bob Livingstone, LCSW.

Growing Gorgeous Amaryllis Indoors
Amaryllis flowers are gorgeous, and they come at a perfect time of year -- when our (some of us) gardens are sleeping!

exploring womanhood

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